Backup Metro app data in Windows 8 and 8.1

You can use RecImg software to backup and restore the windows 8 app data, if you plan to copy metro apps between windows 8 PC. The Metro apps in Windows 8 are installed in a Hidden folder. That folder is not directly accessible by user to take a manual backup and windows does not offer to backup the metro app data by default. In Windows 8 and 8.1 we have an option to windows 8.1 factory reset. This might save the store app data.

windows 8 app data backup

Download software to Backup and restore windows 8 apps

First, you need to download this simple tool to backup and restore your Apps. It is a basic tool which has two options “Backup” and “Restore”. Instead, you can use the windows 8.1 image backup, but System Image does not allow you to perform selective backup of apps data! You can use this freeware tool for selective backup and restoration.

Name : Windows 8 Metro App backup.rar
Type : RAR File
Password :
File Size : 38KB
Download link : Download Now

How to Backup and Restore Windows 8 Apps Data?

Just follow the below steps to backup and restore the metro applications with just one click. Once you download the Backup software, you will need to Unzip it. Now,

  • Run the windows 8 metro app backup.exe (Administrator NOT required)
  • You will get a Splash dialogue box, instructing you to close all the currently running metro apps. Even if you close the metro apps, they will be running in the background. To close them, you will need to Completely RESTART you windows 8 OS. After restart, DO NOT open any Metro apps. Run this tool.
how to backup windows 8 store apps
  • Now, click “OK”. You will see the Tool’s mail interface. Click “Backup” and there will be displayed a list of Metro applications installed on your PC. Just select the apps data which you will need to backup. If you want all applications, just “select all”.
windows 8 apps backup and restore
  • Once the selections are complete, click on “Backup Now” option.
  • This tool also provides an option to compress the files to save disk space and enable easy sharing. In this splash screen, you will have an option to compress. These compressions allows you to increase your upload speed of backup files to cloud storage. Click “Yes” to zip the backup.
windows 8 apps backup and restore
  • Now, you have to select the location where you need to save the backup file. Once you select the destination, click on “OK”.
  • The backup process will start. This might take few minutes to complete. We have to wait patiently. After the process of backup completed, you will get a confirmation message. Now Backup Completed successfully! You can also use the lightweight android emulators to check how backup utilities function on an Android OS.

Share metro Apps between PC and Restoring procedure

Once the backup is completed, you will have the backup files. With this backup file, you can copy metro apps from one PC to another PC easily! Now, to install the Apps on another PC,

  • Run this tool. Click on “Restore” option. 
  • Select the location of the backup data. 
  • Click “OK”
  • The list of applications available for restore is displayed. Select the apps you want to restore.
  • Click on “Restore Now” button.
  • Once the restoration is complete, you will get a confirmation message.
  • You can also backup mobile tracker with name apps which are available in windows 8 store.
  • If you are have iCloud account, you can upload the contents to iCloud. Later, you can learn how to restore from icloud!

You can do this process even after performing a windows 8.1 system restore.  Just think that you do not have this tool? You should have been using all bandwidth to download the apps again and customize them for hours! This tool would save your time a lot! Learn how to increase bsnl broadband speed and have a high speed browsing in your browsers. You can monitor internet usage with Bitmeter software. You can write these data to a DVD and learn how to fix a scratched dvd.