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What people say about Logesh Kumar?

Logesh is the Founder & CEO of Infozub – a global company specializing in SEO and services associated with digital marketing and cloud integration. His entrepreneurial journey is a unique case. The institutionalized methods of education in college did not appeal to his intellect. As a result, Logesh founded his company during second year of college, because his instincts directed him towards the underrated potential of SEO implementation. Prior to founding his company, he was already involved in freelance work for SEO projects since first year of college. When he graduated in May 2016, he was already an established entrepreneur with 4+ years experience in SEO and allied services.

He maintains that SEO is a continuously evolving process that is critical to brand perception of companies in a big-data driven world. In other words, he is a proponent of ‘Innovate or Die’ ideology. A self-learner by personality, Logesh’s interests are broadly classified into two categories – Technology and Physics. Cutting edge technologies, like virtual reality and artificial intelligence applications, intrigues his tech-savvy nature, in the same manner that anti-matter experiments and metaphysics appeals to his intellectual curiosity.


Founder & CEO, Thinketh Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Who is Logesh Kumar today?

Senior SEO Consultant

Senior SEO Consultant at ClickDo Ltd. (UK)

The Senior SEO Consultant at ClickDo Ltd. – The Leading SEO Company in London, United Kingdom. ClickDo Ltd is the most Niche based dominating SEO Company that has acquired almost every high CPC industries in UK.


Founder and CEO of INFOZUB

Founder and CEO of INFOZUB – The #1 SEO Company in Coimbatore as well as #1 in entire Tamil Nadu since 2013! INFOZUB was a tech blog in 2012, later evolved as a Innovative Digital Services Agency!

Business Partner

Business Partner, SeekaHost India

SeekaHost India is a Web Hosting services provider known for it’s WordPress Blog Hosting support. It’s about to be launched in India in February 2017!

Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO of eDigital Services & Web Cody

Yes, INFOZUB has powered up 2 New agencies to enhance Visibility and grab attention in our Industry! We are still building eDigital Services and Web Cody.

Professional Background

In the year 2012, Logesh Kumar started INFOZUB. It was during his college days when he was excited about the world of Digital Marketing. INFOZUB was started as a Tech blog and later on, it grew as a Brand. He joined ClickDo Ltd in the year 2014 as an SEO Analyst. His area of expertise include, but not limited to:

SEO Strategy Consultant for premium brands like:

Cool Bison, United Kingdom

Cool Bison

Leading SEO Company in Bristol, UK.

Email Append Services

Email Append Services

Designers LK

Designers LK

#1 Web Designing Company in Sri Lanka.

Designers LK

The Used Car Guy, UK.

Boost Metrics

Boost Metrics

#1 Digital Marketing service provider in Sri Lanka.



Studio Vimukthi

Studio Vimukthi

#1 Wedding Photography Company in Sri Lanka.

Studio Vimukthi

Meanwhile Creative Office Space

Clients & Business Partners

Email Campaign Partner!

Certifications & Membership:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Certified Professional

Google Ad

Google AdWords Certified Professional

Events & Gallery

Why Vibrant colors used in Web Design

Colors are more important for web design, as we already discussed website is the only way to communicate with our users or customers.

How Businesses Can Utilise SEO @ PSG College of Technology

How business can utilise SEO in 2018 – A Workshop by our CEO and Founder Mr. Logesh Kumar at PSG College of Technology. Business owners from different verticals had joined hands for this workshop in which Logesh offered 1 to 1 support to set up their business strategies in 2018.

Digital Marketing Lecture At KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology

Guest Lecture on Digital Marketing at KPR College

Educational Background:

Logesh Kumar did his schooling in Kannammal National School, Palladam. He completed B.Tech – Information Technology course under Anna University in 2016.

Paper’s Published related to SEO and other Innovative Digital Services:

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION USING MICRODATA AND PAGE SPEED OPTIMIZATION – National Conference on Trends in Engineering Applications and Management [NCTEAM’16] Velalar College of Engineering and Technology, Thindal, Erode, TN, India, 26 March 2016.

– Logesh Kumar.

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Past Life, before 2012

People identify Logesh as a Tech Geek, solving all kind of computer related issues for my friends! But, this skill made me as a “Search Engine Optimization Expert”. I spent most of my time on the Internet. I love gadgets and innovative strategies about Digital Marketing.

When you Google “Logesh Kumar“, you will see this page! I guess, that is how you have landed here.

Logesh Kumar

You can connect with me here:

If you have any questions, drop me an email: logesh@infozub.com

Logesh Kumar, CEO and Founder of INFOZUB. Logesh Kumar is a self-tought Search Engine Optimization Expert and a Tech Geek.