PPC Marketing is getting viral. Businesses want to promote their sales online to reach their targeted audience. Today, the world has become Digital and people use to play with it. Everyone has their own smartphone and laptop. If they want to learn something, they will just google it using their smartphones. If they want to purchase, there are lots of online websites or Mobile applications, where people order and delivery at the doorstep.

As everything became online, business people started chasing their customers. That is not easy to target a right people, here comes the PPC marketing. PPC helps in targeting the people who need your service. This is done by just promoting your business by creating the ad. Once your ad gets approved and payment process completed, your ads start showing the search engine. When people click your ad, you have to pay Google based on your bid strategy.

About Ad Disapprovals in AdWords

There is also a chance for ad disapprovals. If your ad does not meet the Google policies, your ad gets disapproved. Ad Disapprovals has to be noted closely and fixed at the spot.


Ad Disapprovals:

Ad’s get disproved when some of the AdWords privacy policy is not met. The Google search powerhouse is becoming strict, in order to show quality ads to the user. Even your paused ads get disapproved by Google. This is all because Google wants to provide good quality and understandable ads to the users.

For the quality and understandable ads, Google has set few policies. One who creates the ad text must be aware of these policies and create a good one for users. People who search for your product or service must be able to read your ad and understand them easily. For easy understanding, heading 1, heading 2, and description should be crisp and be easy to learn.


Why Ad Disapprovals to be noted closely?

If there is repeated ad disapprovals, Google suspends your Google account. Obviously, suspend means your ads will not be shown in the search engine and there will be a great loss in lead. Hence, it is important to closely look into the ad disapprovals and fix them for better results.

About Ad Disapprovals in AdWords


How to check disapproval?

When your ad disapproved, you will get a notification. At the notification bar, you will find fix it. just click fix it. Now you will see your disapproved ads. There will a column called status, which tells you why your ads disapproved. Move your cursor near to the status and learn the policies to fix them out.

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