Facebook Advertising is the method using which you can target the custom audience for your business and get more conversions. Facebook lets you target the custom audience based on various demographic options. As the people nowadays started using the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram more, Promoting the products or services in the social media’s will help you to gain more leads to the business. 

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How does Facebook Ad Review work? 

 This is the common question that arises in everyone’s mind who are into the Facebook Marketing. Facebook Ad review can take anywhere from five minutes to two days. When you create a fresh Ad, it enters the review queue. A team of highly trained employees will review it and then either they approve it or reject it. 

Based on the Facebook Ad data and the past data of the review system, it is estimated that when you publish your Ads between 8 AM and 8 PM, you will have more chances of approving your Ads very quickly. Finally, remember that since the review process is human based, it’s also subjective. The same ad might be approved by someone and not approved by someone else.  


Factors Influencing the Ad approval time: 


Facebook Ad account history: 

Every Ad account on Facebook has the trust score, The longer you have been advertising on Facebook, then fewer the Ads will get rejected. Also, if you have spent more on the Ads, then your Ads also will get approved faster. 

Keyword Analysis: 

Addition of some keywords in the Ad will result in the Ad disapproval. That if there is any reference to the religion, ethnicity, profanities, etc in the Ads, then the Ads will not be approved. 

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 Domain Analysis: 

 Facebook will look into the domain that your Ad is linking to. If the domain has been advertised hundreds of time before with no problems, then the review time will be shorter as well. In the same way, the new domain which is not advertised before will require a long review time. 

 Image Analysis: 

 Facebook will review all the images that you are using in the Ads. If the image contains more text content or any other matured content then the Ads will be rejected. 

Make sure that you use the content in the Ads without any grammatical errors. Use Grammarly to check the content if the Ad shows any errors. 

Thus overall the motive of the Facebook is to provide the users with the proper Ad content, Also at the same time, the Advertisers should get benefited by getting quality leads for the business. So as a business people use the Facebook advertising technique to get more conversions for your business. On Comparing to the traditional marketing strategies Online marketing will help you to get more leads for the business products or services. Avail Facebook marketing services from the best digital marketing company in the city to get more conversions for your business by spending the less amount.