Adwords is an advertising platform developed by Google to support the business people by helping to generate more leads by Paying to Google. Google AdWords is a paid search marketing (i.e., advertisers pay when users click on the AD). There are various bidding approaches in Adwords. Based on the business goal, bidding can be chosen. Advertisers should understand all the bidding strategy and use the best bidding method to make more conversion. Few bidding matched all the business, some may not match all the bidding process. Before choosing the bidding strategy, one should analyze thoroughly and then choose the right one for the Business.

Google AdWords Bidding Strategy

Types of AdWords Bidding:

Bidding is classified into two types: 1. Automatic 2. Manual


Automatic Bidding:

Automated bidding is an auto-bid detection by Google that helps to meet your performance goals. There are many types of automatic bidding, each type designed to reach a specific goal. This article explains about few automatic bidding:

Google AdWords Bidding Strategy


Maximize Clicks:

Maximize clicks is the automated bidding strategy that helps advertisers to receive as many as best clicks as possible for their Ads. This Goggle’s automatic bid strategy will automatically improve your bids to get the maximum clicks for your Ads within the daily budget that you set. It is clearly explained in Google AdWords Course.


Target Search Page Location:

In Targeted search page location strategy, Google adjusts your bids to display your Ads only on the first page of the search engine result page. The Ads may be displayed either on the first page or in the bottom, but nowhere else other than the first page.


Target CPA:

Target CPA bidding strategy is a strategy that you have to pay for Google only if any conversions is taken place on your websites such as sales or any form submission.


Maximize Conversions:

Maximize conversions automatically adjusts your bids to make more conversions within your daily budget set. This method is available as a usual strategy for specific campaigns, but not as a portfolio bid strategy.


Manual Bidding:

A manual bidding method let you set your own maximum CPC for your ads. You can change your bid as per your wish. Based on the performance metrics, you can modify the keywords bid.

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