Mobile marketing is a digital marketing strategy which is aimed to target the mobile device users like smartphone, tablet etc., Everything you does on the desktop or laptop are now available in Mobile. In fact, 90% of internet users own a smartphone. In fact, google has also confirmed into by stating mobile search quires surpass the desktop search quires. To engage audience in mobile phones and establish the brand many business organization started to focus on mobile marketing.  

Many people around the world, spend large amount of time in mobile devices than before. If this continues we are not so far to arrive in the era of mobile and future of marketing would be through mobile devices.  

mobile marketing

In mobile marketing, ads will appear on the mobile tablets, smartphones etc., In mobile marketing, ad’s will appear in the apps, social media platforms, websites. Mobile marketing is getting its hype now as 65% of people spent more internet timing on the mobile devices when compared with desktop device.  

Mobile ads make the search engine mobile users to view the webpage. Mobile marketing would be the right way to reach your key audience. Mobile behavior data would give you on information on how your mobile content engages your audience. Make sure your website is mobile friendly to mobile users too. 

Mobile friendliness means: 

  • your webpage content loads quickly 
  • Content fits to the screen so that your visitor doesn’t want to scroll side wise. 
  • CTA should be working properly on the mobile phones. 

google mobile marketing

Google Mobile Friendliness tool would help you to determine the place where your website need to be customized to improve the user experience of mobile phone user. 

As website visitors will be using finger to make an action like clicking or scrolling, web designers should design a simple and effective layout. Your website should be responsive, responsiveness means your website should be able to fit to the screen size of any devices as we have mobile get smartphones on different screen size. 

To Remember, mobile marketing is not a standalone, it has many form like email marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing but the objective of all different forms of mobile marketing is the same that is to reach the right audience. Optimizing your website marketing strategies will always help you in edging more than your competitor.