Page Speed Optimization guide by Logesh Kumar. The fundamentals of Page Speed Optimization and using Plugins to easily enhance website speed. The basics of Page Speed Optimization represents – why a web site loads slow and how to enhance it easily with some plugins and some recommendations which you can easily adopt in just five or ten minutes and increase the page speed of your website. This is especially for the bloggers who would like to understand how a website loads or how a website would respond on a web server.

Video Transcript by Archana.

Why does a website load slow?

  • There may be too many resources which are invoked, like java script for widgets or java script files for sharing social sharing buttons. Every individual share button would call for a java script file. We can fix it with some plugins which will be explained later.
  • There may be too many CSS files, especially when you have a eCommerce store, you will be having a website as a landing page in the front end and the store with, you may have a blog on it and some other landing page (php designed) for people to subscribe. As a whole there may be too many CSS files. Some of such files are invoked globally for all the pages. It may contain redundant codes which may not be used for that particular page and if that is the case, the website loading time will increase.
  • Image Optimization: This is a common scenario. We just go to google, search for keywords, pull some image, download and upload it to our site which is not correct. Today am going to provide a solution for it by showing you how to do it in an effective way. When the images consume the maximum website size and when you are landing on a e commerce landing page, it may contain too many product images and just imagine each image with 200kb size and in-case you have around twenty images, think about the page size. In-order to kill the size occupied by the images, we can reduce / optimize the image size. I will explain you the various services and factors that affect the page speed and the solutions to overcome it.
  • Code quality and redundancy: If there are many redundant codes, that is not good for a website. This may happen when we are using free or crack themes or null version of themes, they may contain redundancy or security flaws. They may do the task for which we depend on them.
  • Time to First Byte – TTFB: This may be something new for few people. TTFB is the time taken by the server to respond to the very first request. When you enter a domain name, it will resolve to an IP address and the IP address will be pointing to a server and the data is fetched from the server. So TTFB specifies how long it takes for the first byte to be received by the client on a browser. It depends 100% purely on the server. If too many websites are hosted on a server, TTFB for the website will be high. This is a killer and will definitely have a negative impact on the search results. Let us consider the initial delay due to latency and the download time of an image which has a size of 100kb. If you are having a faster internet connectivity, the initial delay due to latency will be the same and the download time is dependent on the internet connectivity of the user.

Infozub Page Speed Optimization - Basic Guide

How to enhance the Page Speed: Simple Recommendations

  • Minify JS into a single file or based on our requirements which can be done with plugins.
  • Combine all CSS files into one which is possible by installing the plugin, activating it and all CSS files will merge as one. But when all files are clubbed into a single file, chances are there for your themes to get broken. Make sure to check if your website design theme is working after combining the files.
  • Image Optimization is an important element I would like to convey. By using the Caesium image compressor, you can remove the image meta data. Even if you download a image from the web, you can remove any kind of information that is attached to the image. You can do LOSSY and LOSS LESS compression. Lossy compression represents the compression in which the quality of the image is lost in reducing the file size. In loss-less compression, the quality of the image remains the same but the file size is reduced. Caesium can be used to achieve both lossy and loss-less compression. But I would strongly recommend to go for loss-less compression. In next video I’ll teach you how to use Caesium tool to achieve loss-less compression.
  • Code quality and redundancy: You can get good quality codes from premium themes and templates. I recommend Divi framework or any premium theme which has a good developer support. I recommend premium themes with good quality codes, hence the redundancy is less. You can search Google for premium themes for WordPress and opt for the best one. You have to select the best theme that suits your Content on Website.
  • To fix the TTFB, I recommend Seekahost. We have an exclusive and dedicated team to work and manage the websites running on the server. We have phpX-cache technology. Am not getting in-depth but you can check Seekahost and try TTFB with a minimum plan and compare Seek a host with your existing hosting provider. Stay tuned with our you tube channels to get more technical details about each and every entity.
  • Plugins – W3 total cache, WP super cache, WP rocket and other plugins on WordPress. But the fundamentals are same. Its all about how we customize and utilize it, since all plugins does the same job. It is how they represent the options to the user and how the user understands and customizes it. A single solution cannot be adopted for page speed optimization for every site. Every site has its own design, set of codes and application. So it purely depends on the website in which the plugin is been installed. In the upcoming videos, I ll be using W3 total cache and W3 super cache on different sites to achieve the same speed and will give hands on information as how to change the settings based on the server.
  • You can take our Page Speed Optimization Service for complete Setup and Management of Website Page Speed.

Stay tuned to get in-depth information on Page speed Optimization – Advanced + Hands-On training as to how to configure the plugins, configure your server and how to enable the Railgun Technology between the website and your server to enhance the TTFB and many more videos.

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