When it comes to SEO, the main objective is to gain more traffic to your website and to maintain top position on Search Engine Result Page.
We have already discussed more factors which involved in SEO, like On-Page, Off-Page and link building strategies.
Now let us see in detail about how to increase traffic for your website by considering various factors.

Different Ways to Increase Traffic To Your Website


1. Usage of Long Tail Keywords:

Usage of targeted keywords in your Web page is most important factors in SEO. In most of the case, you might have used short – tail keywords which consists of only few words like “Web Designing”. If you use keyword of these type it will take more time to get rank in search results. Because it is difficult for google bot to identify your website. So, it is always recommended to use long – tail keyword which consists of more than one words like “Web Designing Company in Coimbatore”. Long-tail keyword will work better to increase traffic for your website. Hence it helps your website to get high ranking in search results.
Long Tail Keyword

2. Guest blogging :

The best way to increase traffic to your website is to do more guest blogging. Guest blogging is the platform where you can write your own content as blog and publish it on some popular website. While publishing a blog you can add your site link, it will add more preference for your website.Guest blogging will boost traffic for your website

3. Post Frequently On Social Media:

By posting your content on social media like facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram and so on…will definitely increase traffic for your website. Many social media platforms will allow you to publish your content. You can also post your blog or content in social media’s regularly to get more traffic for your website. If you continuously post your blog in social media’s, it will also increase your brand name in the market in addition with increasing traffic for your website.
Social Network

4. Website Responsiveness:

Website Responsiveness is important for all business. Nowadays designing a website became more popular and wherever we see there are many company which offers website designing for businesses. To grow your online business one must not only have good and attractive website it is mandatory to have quick responsive website. When user click some link on your website it must load less than a second. Only then user will give more attention for your website and they stay long time in your website. In recent days, people don’t have enough time to gain knowledge by having their desktop or laptop rather they started using their smartphones. If they start searching for something in search engine they should get instant solution for their query. So while designing a website make sure that it quickly responds for the user’s query.

5. On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO is one of the best technique in SEO to get high ranking in your website. By Optimizing your Web page by suitable Title tag, Meta description and some image optimization will help the search engine bot to identify your website easily and thus helps to increase traffic for your website.
On Page SEO

6. Website Loading:

One of the best way to gain traffic for your website is to make sure that your website loads faster when user search for certain query. It should not take more time to for loading a certain pages in your website. In case if your website gets more time to get load user may get more irritated and there is a chance for leaving your website and they may go for other high ranking website. So if you want your website to be viewed by more people then it should have fast response rate. If a website get loads faster then there is possibility of getting high ranking in search engine result page.

You can check your website loading speed by using this tool: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/


7. Usage of attractive headlines:

When you give some headline for a post that you publish, make sure it has descriptive and easily understandable text so that user can reach your content easily. It is also necessary to have some interesting and attractive text for the user to read your blog. Also when you share your post on social media platforms use some meaningful and catchy words to attract user and click on your link to read your content.

8. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is one of the best way to attract new customer for your website. Researchers identified that most of the people use email marketing technique to gain more traffic for their website. Email marketing is nothing but targeting the people through email. For example if user purchase some products from your website you should continuously email about new products arrival and special discount offers for those user who have already purchased. If this is done then user may stay connected with your website and it is the best way to communicate with your target audience.

9. Paid Advertisement :

Above mentioned technique will take more time to get indexed in search results, if you wish to rank your website in more short duration of time then you need to undergo paid advertisement. You can able to showcase your product or brand through advertisement. It is possible to show your brand in search engines also in social media like Facebook. This will increase ROI for your business. By this way you can get high ranking in search results and gain more traffic for your website.
Paid Advertisement
Other way to show your advertisement is through Facebook. It is good platform for generating traffic for your website. Nowadays most of the people always use Facebook. So it is the best way to engage people to your website. It increases the visibility of your site in users feedback and make them aware about your site

10. Referral Traffic:

Referral Traffic is the traffic which you receive from other website to your website. For increasing referral link you can comment on some blogs to make strong connection with them so that they will refer your website URL on their website. So that your website can get more referral URL. It is the best way to increase traffic for your website.

11. Update your content regularly:

Always keep your website fresh and unique. If you are website is updated with the latest technologies it will attract more user and helps to increase viewers to your website. It is the another way to increase traffic to your website and hence result in high ranking in search results.
Talk About What you Know

12. By adding social media icon to your site:

Nowadays most of the people are always available online in social media. If you really wish to increase your brand awareness, then this is the best idea to do it perfectly.
The purpose of adding the social media icon in your website is to create awareness about your blog to the user. If they read your blog they may like or comment your post. If it is more useful for normal people then it can be shared among their friends which surely increase brand awareness among other people in the market.

13. Respond to Your Blog Comments:

Always stay active to reply for the comment which comes for your website. It will helps you to build a strong relationship with reader also helps to boost traffic for your website. These may help user to view and share your blog to their friends.

14. Video Marketing:

Not only the content in your website increases traffic to your website. Also, videos will attract more people to visit your website as visual representation have better understanding about your site rather than in written text content. By having a video in your website with your brand logo and more explanation about your site will make website more popular. Also, when you publish the videos in video sharing sites, it will increase popularity of your website among other websites. This is one of an effective tool for attracting users to your website.
In the recent days people started using the YouTube more, People are nowadays more likely to watch demo videos of product before making purchase. You should also make a high quality content video for promoting your website and publish it on YouTube. It helps to encourage people to visit your site.

15. By having more interlinking:

Every time when publish a post or page in your websites make sure that you are adding more internal links about related content. It will help user to easily navigate from one page to other page in your website and make a particular viewer to stay long time in your website thus it will boost traffic to your website.


These are the different ways for boosting traffic to your website and to stay top position in search engine result page.

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