Learn how to do Blog commenting for SEO in 2016. Completely new strategies explained by Logesh Kumar. We have crossed many years in the field of SEO. Today I am going to explain to you how the blog commenting is going to build the future and how it’s going to be in 2016.

Video Transcript by : Archana

What happened so far?

I have been in the field of SEO right from 2012. Over these three years considerably I have been subtle. Am not a big internet marketer or a leading SEO consultant. But still I have studied a lot of things especially in the past six months, I have discovered how blog commenting is supporting in ranking and how blog commenting has helped to build the brands like ClickDo and Infozub. Let us see what happened so far and what people have been doing till 2015. Let’s get a clear overview of what has to be done.

YouTube Video Demonstration on SEO Blog Commenting in 2016


Too many are no more the right way

We have been giving too many links and today the number of referring domains matter and not the links. So we have to avoid spam. Coming to blog commenting, lets us see what happens:

We use blog commenting to build tonnes of links using software like GSA and there are many other tools on the market with which we build too many links. If we go to a marketplace and spend 5 dollars, you get more than 10000 links, but we have to think twice.

When we order a link for 5 dollars and get 1000 links by running software on VPS which will be high speed and build a lot of links but we forget one point that the domain is already linking to thousands of sites or even higher because we are not the only person using the tool. The tool might cost from 50- 100 dollars. Any internet marketer can invest 100 dollars in the tool, and they can test drive it. But just consider if a domain is linking out to 10 sites through blog comments which can do follow or no follow its good or even a link to 100 such sites is acceptable but if it’s linking to thousands even though if it has a domain authority or a page ranking of 50 or 60 or trust flow whatever it can be if it is going to send to home link, do you think that the big G is not able to identify it as a Spam link because whatever u build from a software we believe that it is automatically approved by that blog as comment. So there is no point in commenting and no sense in the construction of thousands of links. So let’s move to the next step.

How to blog comments links were seen

Till 2015 we use to big noise telling we have 10000 links and more and fool people saying do follow and no follow links and we use to say about commentluv links, and the funny thing is keywords in comments which will be obvious and if a person gives the keyword in the comment on a blog will it make any sense. Just think who ‘ll give a comment. Let’s consider the big G is not smart enough but we have to think over past 10 years the big G algorithm is not able to detect or not able to differentiate the comment and a normal back-link because when we use keywords in comments to build links, it is very obvious that Samsung or XYZ, sorry for mentioning the brand name lets go in for generic keywords like a web design company. do u ever think a web design company will comment on it, you can say that “Logesh kumar” has commented on a blog post but it will be terrible when webdesign company is has an anchor / keyword is going to make a comment there.it may sound funny and may not make any sense. To speak about the technical terms, we forget the codes that wrap the comments section because when the codes that surround the comment section will tell google that looks here Google, it is a comment section, and when someone put a keyword in comments it doesn’t make any sense, and there is no point in it. But we still think the keyword in the comment section will work better. This was working till 2015 but from 2016, let us change the way we build links right from blogs.

seo blog commenting in 2016

The software, it is a time eater

Whenever u use a tool like GSA or whatever the tool, it uses to build links automatically. yes its true and you are not the only person who is using it and technically speaking, the Out Bound Link (OBL) of that particular domain is already exploited, and it has been spammed to death. Humanly speaking there is no engagement on that blog it’s just software that is coming and commenting. There can be any number of comments, and it’s not niche specific. You may optimize your software to comment only on niche specific domain just to build blog comments links but if a person wants the software to build links from all available sources, so it’s already spammed. Still many people use the software to create Comment by spending five dollars on marketplaces like Fiverr, source wave – they think for five dollars they get a large number of links, but it’s not correct. All u do is lose your money. Instead, spend a few minutes in searching for a real blog by giving your real name, build your brand and give good comments on it and build back links to your domain. This works better.

Let me explain.

Think twice as already the software environment is spammed and it doesn’t make sense if you still use software to build links and buy links like 2000 / 3000 blog comments. The engagement will be zero when you order back-links for blog comments, and you are not the only buyer even a child having a credit card or a PayPal account in any country can order links.

The way forward in 2016, how to get best results in blog commenting.


Build your brand

Without building a brand, it’s very hard to survive. I have seen websites who are ranking purely with on page optimization and with their brand identity which they have established through blog commenting on highly influential and content rich blogs. They get a traffic of 300- 400 visitors a day just with perfect on page and brand establishment. Purely organic software as well.

When you are commenting on a blog, it should sound something like an epic or a wonder. For example, Matt Cutts has commented on my blog post. This would create a big noise since influential people comment on your blogs. Adding value to the web is the important factor and not spamming it.

Build the conversation

As said earlier, create the engagement by responding to the questions of others and stay cool even if you get criticized. Establishment of brand identity should be the motive. Respond with the knowledge you have or get it from Google and just rephrase and put it in the blog comments. It’s not ethical but still it creates engagement and builds your brand identity and secondly don’t just place a comment and forget it. Try to reply back to your responses often and when your queries are answered, don’t forget to thank them. In SEO perspective it’s not a big deal but in brand identity, you will have good value as people may land on our website with good designs to know who we are and it increases our brand value and in turn, a business may click for us. It happens many times.

The best in placing comments on the blogs

Your brand identity is well established, and it’s a crucial point to move forward in 2016, and further, it drives traffic to your site and creates the laser targeted traffic specific to your line of business. All this happens when you reach the relevant blog, comment and link back to your site which may ultimately lead to a business inquiry even though the conversion percentage may be too small. People understand your value. For example, if I have a sound knowledge in page speed optimization and keep commenting on all the relevant blogs related to page speed optimization in Google forums, people may get back to my site. People spend money when they find the right person for their services.

In SEO perspective

It creates more visibility towards the right audience. It creates relevance whether a do follow or no follow links. The big G or any other search engine will love this because when you put real comments, the webmaster or the administrator will approve it, the approval ratio will be good if you give the relevant comments / links and this, in turn, drives traffic to your site.

Brand Mentions – Back-links were working and even work now and will work tomorrow as well. But blog comments create an opportunity for brand mentions / establishments. This will be well explained later.

Stop spam

The more we exploit a resource, the more complicated it becomes. We are making the search engines smarter by polluting or spamming the environment. Since people expect useful information, Google delivers the best information based on its algorithms. But if we keep spamming the environment, it makes our Search Engine Optimization work more complicated. So build relevancy for your site in a more fruitful way and stop spamming which might ultimately result in better rankings.

Do Blog commenting in human ways

Engage with relevant niche people by connecting with the people concerned / forums and build your community as at the end of the day, the money you make matters. Let’s go in an ethical way. Blog comments help you connect with the people. It’s how you approach towards blog commenting and not how it behaves because when people spam, the domain is spammed. When you do it the right way, you get connected with the right people.

So be human and build your community.

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