Ranking a website for potential keyword is very much important. Search Engine Optimization is the way of optimizing a website for both the people and Search Engine. Ranking organically in Search Engines like Google is very much important to get quality customers online.  

Search Engine Algorithm is a piece of code used to list the relevant webpages based on the keywords. In this competitive world, it is very much important to provide the quality results with user friendly interface. So every search engines were updating its ranking algorithm frequently to provide the best. SEO companies used to identify the important ranking factors to optimize the website based on that and Backlink is one among them. 


Internal Links & External Links 

Internal Links were the links pointing from one webpage to other within your website. Recent Search Engine algorithmic updates indicate that the Internal Linking will helps a lot to effectively rank a website. When it comes to link building, it is important to provide the proper anchor text. More than anything, it is important to provide good anchors which must have the presence of keywords in it. 

Anchor Text is the word on which the link will be embedded in it. Getting more links from a particular anchor text or a keyword may spam your web page so it is recommended to use the long anchor text with the presence of  keywords in it. More you need is to make your website to look natural for the search engine to improve your rankings. 

Why you need Backlinks? 

Getting more number of backlinks for your website will act as a good indicator to rank in famous search engines. Backlinks are the links directed from some other website to your website. It is an easy task to generate the backlinks but you must check whether it is useful for anything? Getting quality backlinks is more important than getting the more number of backlinks.  

link building

Even though the number of backlinks is low, it is very much important to get the quality backlinks. If a link with a proper anchor text is pointing your domain from a high authority websites then it will make search engine to understand that the web page is more relevant to particular term which must be the keyword.  

It is easy to rank your web page in top search results for particular keywords through effective backlinks. As backlinks increases the relevancy of a website it will helps the search engine to understand clearly about the topic. As off page SEO alone won’t matters a website to rank, you must optimize the webpage based on On-page SEO factors too.