CDN is called as Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network. It is a geographically distributed of a network with proxy servers in their data centers, in other words, CDN’s are geographically distributed caching server. CDN will help to deliver website page content from the nearest geographic localization. The main aim of the Content Delivery Network is to distribute the content from the nearest server location to achieve high performance and high availability of end-users. It is one of the most efficient solutions for Content Providers in serving a large number of user devices, for the reduction in content download time and minimizes network traffic. 

advatages of divi

CDN reduces the response time and decreases the page loading speed. If any page will load in the minimum amount of time, automatically it will help to rank in search results of Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. Assume that you are opening a UK website in Chennai, in order to respond quickly, the website page content will load from the nearest location server of Chennai. Not only for SEO, it will also help to improve your conversions. For Example, if any users come to your site for the first time and your loading speed is very low, obviously there will be a positive impact on the visitor’s site. 

CDNs are one of the layers of the Internet Ecosystem. Content proprietors, for example, media organizations and web-based business merchants pay CDN administrators to deliver their content to their end visitors/users. Thus, a CDN pays ISPs, bearers, and system administrators for operating its servers in their data centers. 


There are two types of CDN. They are Push and Polk CDN. 

Push CDN: 

The push CDN helps to push all static contents on to the content network arrange server at first. At the point when a visitors opens that page, it will stack content from that closest server to that visitor. 

Polk CDN: 

The Polk CDN will get, whenever the user sends any requests to any page on your website, Polk CDN will push the specific content into the content delivery network.