PPC marketing is getting viral every day. PPC is an important key to reach the targeted audience fast. As Google becomes smarter each day, it gives us plenty of resources and platform to reach our audience.  

 There are plenty of information available on the Internet. People’s decision is based on the information provided on the website and social media engagements. If we lose one customer, competitors are at the next door to chase them. It’s highly competitive to win in PPC marketing. People always look into the AdWords account and keep on updating the things to get more conversion. 

ppc checklist

 PPC Manager’s responsibility is to make sure that we don’t pay Google for irrelevant keywords. Also, to check the competitor’s bid and make changes accordingly. As a PPC manager below is the checklist to maintain regularly to increase your ROI. 



 Search terms: 

 Search terms are the exact words a customer enters when searching on Google. Checking your search is an optimization, but still more important. You can find keyword terms that people searched and visited your site. When you find any irrelevant keywords had clicks, you can add them as the negative keyword. When you are adding the negative keyword list, it may ask you for which level such as campaign, AdGroup or create new negative keyword list. It’s better to create a campaign level negative keyword list. 

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Check Bidding: 

Check bid is similar to Search terms. Check out the impression share, average position, clicks, impressions and finally the Average CPC. Check out your daily budget and check whether that balance your daily spending. Find your average CPC and your conversion rate. Check out all these strategies and make sure your ad shows a valuable information to the users. 


Check Final URL: 

 If your destination URL is not working, your ads get disapproved. Hence it is better to check your final URL to avoid disapproval. It is important to maintain your quality score and bidding equal to be a successful PPC manager. 

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