The biggest challenge today is to differentiate between content marketing and link building. Most of the people get confused between choosing the right technique for their business targets in the Search Engine Optimization industry. Link building still works for few niche’s but to target commercial keywords in big cities like coimbatore, Content creation and marketing plays the key role. Today, we are going to discuss about what is link buuilding and what are the factors (or) steps involved in content creation and marketing. We will also look into INFOZUB‘s brand new SASH Technique! At the end, I will explain the dis-advantages of depending on external sites for content marketing. Let’s explore “Content Marketing vs Link Building“.

The Best – Content Marketing vs Link Building for SEO?

Link Building vs Content Marketing

Link Building vs Content Marketing


Normally Link Building activities include [we don’t do any of the below]:

Before few years, link building would easily fetch ranking in Search Engines. But today the major search engines became very smart that they are looking into the on-page factors like Page Speed. In this competitive industry, the below strategies DO NOT work:

  • Blog Commenting
  • Directory Submission
  • Site wide linking
  • Social Bookmarking and Many more…

link building


Content Marketing include:

Yes, content marketing really works if it is done carefully and strategically! The strategy is KISS – Keep It Simply Stupid

  • Content creation – Create Industry Relevant Content written.
  • Submitting the content to other sites (the factors are discussed below) and claiming the links back (one form of content marketing is Guest posting – do carefully!)

Let’s see where the Content Marketing articles are submitted to:

When you get the content is ready, you can name it as PRESS KIT. Most of the times, the campaigns are named like similar. Select the sites based on the following metrics

  • The sites which has High Metrics [ TF, DA, PA, PR ]
  • The sites which has High Authority
  • The sites which are Highly Indexed

The Content Marketing articles are NOT submitted to

make sure, you do not submit the content to any of the site which fits the below criteria

  • New websites
  • Sites that are having SPAM Backlinks
  • Sites that are having LOW Metrics
  • Sites that are having POOR Authority

Now, let’s see Infozub’s SASH Technique

At INFOZUB, we bring everything under one roof. We have formulated the best strategy for ranking with the secret essence of boosting the power of links. We are about to launch the marketplace where people can get things done Faster for Ranking! :)

content marketing

Some of the Key features are:

  • We own the sites which are more powerful than, where the content marketing articles are submitted to.
  • Links are under FULL control
  • We can change the Anchor Text profile anytime
  • At Maximum, one site will link to 15 sites. OBL (Out Bound Links) = 15 at Maximum.
  • All the articles on INFOZUB’s Network site are fully inter-linked.
  • The website development is fully custom made.

Dis-advantages of Content Marketing in websites owned  by other people

If you are NOT adopting the SASH Technique by Infozub, you have the following dis-advantages:

  • We have to negotiate price for marketing our Content
    • The Price varies from one to other
    • Time consumption during the negotiation
    • Trust cannot be built in a Single email
  • Once the content is published on their site, we have to keep monitoring whether the links are still live or not.
  • We cannot change the number of links (or) anchor text after publishing.
  • We cannot remove the links and re-add whenever required.
  • The content published on the site will not get inter-linking inside the site.
  • These sites receive huge number of articles every day. This the OBL (Out Bound Links) are NOT under control.

To conclude:

Content marketing works the Best. But at Infozub, we are taking it to the next level where every module or component involved in ranking are 100% homegrown inside Infozub. This is how we excel in Search Engine Optimization. We are presently specialized at search engine optimization in Coimbatore and planning to expand our SEO Service locations globally!

Strictly no dependencies on external sources (or) Out-Sourcing! This helps us deliver premium SEO service.

Happy Rankings!