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We all know that Facebook is one of the famous social media networks where people connect easily and share the photos, links, articles etc., Get more likes, views, comments and shares. At very first Facebook is considered as one of the social media platforms for sharing the views with people. When Facebook start to get into limelight they begin to place their footpaths in different ways and attract the people towards it. Then Facebook focused on business people and helps them to reach their valued customers in different ways. Now they create a different platform for business people to reach their customers by Facebook marketing, remarketing and much more.

Facebook Guide

Now, the business people are attracted towards the paid advertising on Facebook where they can get more impact and reach to their content. Now, here the questions arise what type of engagement do we get? How does it work? Do we really reach our customer properly? etc., The answer is we can reach our targeted customer only when creating an effective campaign.


In this article, you can get the complete guide for creating Facebook ad to improve your sales leads, post engagement and much more.

Before starting to create a Facebook campaign you should ask some question within yourself.
  • The objective of creating a campaign
  • Do you have website traffic
  • Would you create unique content about your industry which improves the post engagement?
Now it’s time to set your goal in Facebook campaign
  • Improve your sales leads
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Improve your post engagement
  • Improve the reach of Facebook post

Facebook Manager

After setting your goal, go to Facebook manager page for creating ads. The Facebook manager is the place where you can create ads and manage them. You can access your Facebook manager by using your Facebook access itself, where we don’t need any separate account.

Now let’s enter into a place where we create ads to achieve your target.

When you login to your Facebook manager page you have the list of accounts where you have the access for specified FB page. Then enter into the Facebook page where you need to create the ad and select your Ad account for creating Facebook ads. Once you enter into a page you can get a list of campaigns, if you have created the campaigns already. If you are new to Facebook ad you will get some options for creating a new campaign.

Campaign Creation

When we create a new campaign it will display the list of options to fix our goal. There you can see three different options with more subheading.

Facebook Interface

As I said earlier we have a list of options. Now we get into the most important session for achieving our target.

First option: Awareness with two subheadings like Brand awareness and Reach. This suits the people those who require to promote their brand and share the unique ideas about their industry.

Second option: Consideration, here we have a list of option which is highly used by all the kind of business people from different industry. Why the people highly prefer this because this helps to improve your sales leads, website traffic and much more.

And the final option: Conversion, with three different parts like conversions, sales catalogue, store visits. This helps to improve your conversion rate for your services.

I usually prefer the second option for reaching our targeted customers properly. Let we have some example for new ad creation to get the clear picture about Facebook ad creation.

For Eg: Now I select the lead generation to improve my sales leads.

While we select the lead generation first it shows to give the name of the campaign. Use the proper name so that it helps to maintain a number of the campaign in future.

Ad Set

Now we can enter into the new part where we can fix budget allocation, target location, custom audience.  Here, we need be bit careful asyou have to fix the budget and customer target. Why am I saying that adset is most important? Because if we spend money and obtain proper ROI for that otherwise it may lead to lose of moneyand negative results.

The options of adset get varied depend upon the type of campaign you selected. Now we select lead generation campaign so let’s follow instruction under lead generation campaign.

First, it shows the option to fix adset name then we need to select the Facebook page where we want to display the ads. The interface of the adset is shown in below screenshot.

Facebook Ad Set

Following that, we have the option catalogues where we can use our product catalogue which helps the users to get a clear view of your products or services. This is optional but if we use our user will get the right idea about your company.

After that the important point of this process is targeting the audience, it includes the custom option like, select custom audience, location target, age, gender etc., In location, we have different kinds of options like exclude location, target limited KMs, target entire city. We can sharply focus where we want to improve our sales leads.

Age preference and gender are usual for targeting customers. Now detailed targeting, what is detailed targeting? how does it work? Detailed target helps to reach the right user, where the ad will show on interest basis,so that we can reach our customer in a detailed manner.

Following that placement option will represents where the ad wants to be displayed. It consists of two different options one is automatic placement and the next one is edit placement where we can edit the placement manually. Normally the automatic placement is highly preferable to reach the people on Facebook.

Audience List Creation - Facebook

Now it’s time to fix the budget, here we have two option, first one daily budget and the next is lifetime budget. The fixed amount will be spent daily. For eg. If we fix 200/day the amount 200 will spent daily till the ad ends. Next option is lifetime budget the fixed amount will be spent entirely till the ad ends.

Budget and Schedule - Facebook

Following we have an option to set start and end date for our ads, Here we can fix the accurate time for starting and ending of the facebook ads. Then keep the bid strategy for reaching the customer and improve the reach and leads. Then click on continue to further process of creating the ads.

Ad Creation

Now we get into the part of Ad creation it is the place we can get the view of the facebook ads. Similarly, AdSet give the name for your ad. Then you want to decide the type of ad that we want to display. It consists of following options,

  • Carousel ads
  • Single image ads
  • Single video ads
  • Slideshow ads

Ad Formats - Facebook

While selecting the image we must concentrate on different things first one is size of the banner. On Facebook they have given the perfect banner size for ads. And the most important thing is slightly different, the banner we use for the ad should not contain more text as per the norms of the Facebook it reduces the reach of the ad. In some situation, we need to include the text content we can request for a manual review for ad approval. It’s common for all the types of ads where we use the image. But size of the banner gets varied for carousel ad.

For single image ad the banner size is 1200*628 and for the carousel ad the banner size is 600*600. We need to create the banner with a proper image which attracts the users with low content. Following the image, we need to add some text to ads. This is the right place to explain our ad, special offers, attractive gifts and much more.

Then we need to give the website link to redirect the user to our webpage. Afterwards, add the form for getting the user details where you can find the option to create form. Create a new form for the ad while creating the form you can find the different options to keep in form and we can add a custom question to show in form. If we add more custom question, then we are about to miss some audience who are lazy/time freak in filling the form. So try to request minimal information about the users. The leads are collected in lead form you can download the lead form for users details.

Facebook Lead Form

You can see the ad preview side by side in ad creation. In the preview, you can see the multiple options for different devices. In the preview tab, you can able to see the share option where you can get the preview link for your Facebook ad.

After completing all the given options click publish button,where your ad will be requested for approval to the Facebook team.

On the first page where we start to create campaign have the reports for ad reach, impressions, amount spend and a number of leads we achieved. You can see the improvement daily while you create an ad effectively.


I hope this article will help you to reach your targeted customers effectively and improve your growth in your industry. If we are ready to do paid advertising we need to obtain proper ROI. It happens only when we work effectively to reach our target.

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