Services Page:

Service page on the website displays the service details of the business. Just giving your service details is not a big thing. Giving the service details that are easily understood by the users is a catch. When you present your business service types and their details in the highly visual form, that may bring more visitors to the Website. When people land on the service page, they with easily understand your service type and details, this is what most of the users want. When they get attracted to your presentation, they visit again. Designing in a more presentable and visual form is more important. Divi has an excellent option to create your visual service page.

Creating Visual Service Page Using Divi


Follow the steps to create one:

1: Log into your official WordPress account

2: Install Updated Divi theme

3: Create a new service page. On the service page, create a standard section.

4: Go to the section settings, move to a gradient background settings. Properly set your gradient options such as colour, gradient type & direction, set starting and end position to 50%

5: Go to Row setting, set the column structure. Set the column structure as 1/4 -> 1/2 -> 1/4.

6: Continue by adding the Background image. Select your background image size as actual, image position as bottom centre.

Visual Service Page Using Divi

7: Go on to the sizing sub-settings and make the row as fullwidth, enable gutter width and set gutter width as 2.

8: Then add your content module below the image. Also, make the content as per your interest. If you need to add button module, you can set your button as well.

For more detailed information check this.