A relationship between web developers and SEO team is important as technical decisions of one team will have its impact on the other team. If SEO teams and web team discuss, amazing things happen to the website.


SEO Friendly Website:

SEO friendly website is the one that allows a search engine to access the page. Making sure, the search engine could crawl and understand your website is the base for indexing in the search engine. Building an SEO friendly website is the right approach to take your business to online.

Why Designing and SEO Team Should Colabrate



As you know, Website loading speed is one of the ranking factors in Search Engine. It is part of Ranking algorithm too. For website speed, SEO team rely on the development team in this area for improvement to give better user experience.


URL Structure:

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or web address is the one which specifies the location of the page. URL is ranking factor of the search engine which adds authority to your domain. An informative and sensible URL is what human and search engines are looking for.


Title and Meta Description:

Why Designing and SEO Team Should Colabrate

These two don’t directly influence the search engine result but plays a crucial role which greatly influences the search engine ranking. We don’t want over optimized page titles or meta description we need keywords in title and meta description in the natural flow in title and description.



Navigation is the key factor in a well-structured site. Many people think navigation is just the menu. Navigation is more than just a menu. Links are the form of navigation where we provide additional information about the content. Search Engines can have a crawl of 150 links per page. The Anchor text and the landing page of the link should be correlated to enjoy the complete advantage of placing links on the webpage.


Mobile Speed:

Mobile is the most used device in the internet searches. SEO team will not just optimize the webpage for the desktop they will optimize for the mobile and other devices too. A mobile layout should also be given equal importance as search engine layouts because a responsively designed website is not enough in these days.