Business Consultant Layout Pack helps many consultant businesses to showcase their consultation service to users in a unique way. The layout pack consists of eight different pages. These pages include unique service pages and an original case study page. This layout pack helps to create your business consultant website quick and easy. Also, more beautiful images have been added to this layout pack.

Business Consultant layout Pack


How to Access the Layout Pack:

1: Log into your WordPress website and import the DIVI theme. If you are already using the DIVI then, create a page and activate the visual builder.

2: Once enabled your visual builder, click on the load from library icon found in the page settings.

3: Under the pre-made layouts tab, scroll down the list of layouts packs to find the consultant pack

4: Once you find your pack, click on it to view all the layouts packed inside one pack

5: Choose your layout and click on “use this layout” button to implement the pack.

This layout pack consists of many unique designs. This helps to present your business model clearly to the users. Look and feel of the website is more beautiful. Once this pack is implemented, that makes your consulting service an easy and makes you build a good relationship with your likely customers.

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