Creating the website using DIVI is simply cool and great. Divi is a cool WordPress theme that helps to create a stunning website so easy and simple. There has been more DIVI theme update, but today shape divider update is the best upgrade and happy news for all the developer. This update makes the DIVI more unique and helps developers to design a stunning divider between the sections.

shape divider

Developers can easily make use of this update to add dynamic shape and effects on the Web pages. This shape dividers can be located either above or below each section of the website. There are about 26 different shapes that you can make use of. Also, to create a beautiful design, this can be repeated, customized, resized and more.


How to add them:

About Shape Divider Update in Divi

1: Log into your WordPress Website.

2: Install Divi Theme on your Website.

3: Choose any page that you want to make a design change, choose the divider module. Under the divider section, move to the design tab. Under the design tab, you will find the divider shape options.

4: You can select any shape, place them either above or below the section.

5: Also, divider shape has an automatic colour inheritance. When you add the divider, it takes the colour automatically of the current section. When you adjust the sections background colour, the divider will automatically modernize colours

Finally, this a stunning update, that makes developers work easy and quick. For more details, you can find the examples here.