Testimonial on Website:

Testimonials are written or recorded statements of your service given by your client’s. Their statement includes your experience level and your way of approach. Testimonial on your website establishes your reputation by signifying the trust that other people have your business offerings. This is a powerful tool to show your customer trust and your experience level.

Plugin for Divi Testimonial

Every business success depends on word of mouth. In such case, Testimonials are precise forms of representation that support your business. Testimonial act as an extremely powerful tool in increasing your branding. Testimonials increase the reliability of your business. If you don’t have any trust, people will not prefer your business. Hence trust is an important factor. Testimonial helps to show your trust to the people.

Plugin for Divi Testimonial


How to Add Testimonial Section in DIVI:

1: Log into your WordPress account

2: Install Divi on your WordPress website.

3: Create a new page or select a page that you want to edit.

4: Add the testimonial section on the Website.

5: The testimonial section either can be used in a middle of the page or at the bottom.

6: Design testimonial as per your wish and make them more attractive.

Plugin for Divi Testimonials


Divi Testimonial plugin:

Divi theme testimonial module makes your work easy and helps to build your creation. But, as for now, there is only a few design modification available. To make them more attractive, divi has a plugin called testimonial slider. The Divi’s testimonial slider adds three more modules in the testimonial section. With these new modules, you can use them as a grid or one of them as a slider and can customize the modules for a better look.

For more details check here.