How to Plan an Effective Search Campaign using Google AdWords?

Previously we have explained about the basic Google Search Network factors in another article. Here, we are going to cover step by step planning to create an effective search campaign for Google Search Network.

The Contents Covered:


  • What is Google Search Network and Types of Search Ads
  • How Google AdWords Works
  • How to Plan for a Search Campaign


What is Google Search Network?

Google Search Network is a large network which includes all search related websites and apps. When you advertise on Google Search Network, your ads appear in front of users on Google search results and Google search partner websites based on your keywords. When a user search for something on Google, based on the keywords bidding and quality score your ads appear on search engine result page and Google Search partner Websites.
Google Search Network
Google search network is the most powerful advertising tool in any online marketing. It is theplace where youshowtheProducts or Services as a text ad on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Google Search Network types


  • Basic Text Ads
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Call Only Ads


Basic Text Ads

Text Ads appear on the Top or Bottom of the Search Engine Result page with a Label “AD”. While creating basic text ads, you create wit ad extensions, demographics target, Locations target, adding Business Phone Number, Business Website URL and more Business Details on Ad. Your Ads will appear on SERP based on all the added business details.

Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic search ads are the simplest way to find customers searching on Google for precisely what you offer. These ads use your website to target ads. When people search on Google with terms closely related to title or frequently used phrase on your website, Google will use these information and generate a clear, relevant headline for your ad. Thus, dynamic search ads help reach your potential customers.

Call only Ads

Call only Ads is only for mobiles and tablet devices. It will not show in desktop devices where it is not possible to make a call using that. In call only Ads, you will be providing the Ad details like Headline, description, related extensions and your mobile number. This ad will create calls to your provided number and it helps in increasing the conversion. Also you can allow google to have a track on your calls to check the conversion rate.
Search Campaign in Adwords

How Google AdWords Works?

When people search for services or products over online,Google AdWords show relevant ads to search query. These ads appear in search results at the top and bottom of the search results. Your ads will be placed based on your selection. The different places where the Ads will be visible are: Top of First Page, Bottom of First page, Top of other pages or bottom of other pages. There are the 4 places where the Ads will appear. The position of the Ad and its cost per click value will be completely based on the Quality Score and relevancy.
The Ad position will be more focused on the Budget, Target Audience, Keyword and Maximum CPC. Google AdWords will show the Ads based on the bidding allocated by the different competitors of the particular keywords.

How to Plan for a Search Campaign

When it comes to Search Campaign, it is more important to check the keyword list, keyword search volume, competition, cost per click and other basic factors. So here I have explained the simple ways to create an effective search campaign.

  • Keyword List
  • Keyword Type
  • Content & Landing page.
  • Extensions
  • Audience Target


Keyword List

Keyword list is the most important factor in creating an ad in Google Search Network Campaign. Keyword mainly decides when the ad should appear. Before creating the Ads you must have a list of keywords which helps you in achieving the target. Creating keyword list can be categorized as mentioned below.
Collect all the relevant keywords using which the people will reach your business/ your website. Make sure the people who search using those keywords will be in need of your services or products.
After gathering the keyword list, now you want to split the keywords into groups. For example: If you have collected the keywords for all your services, then now you want to split the keywords based on the services. So that it will helpful to target the exact people.

Keyword Type

Once the keyword is chosen and categorized based on your need, now you want to add it to your Ad set. While adding the keywords in Google Search Campaign, there are three types of keyword match. They are Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match.
Broad Match Keyword: If you want to show your ads to the people who use particular word or sentence in their search terms, then you want to choose the broad match.
Phrase Match Keyword: It will help to trigger your ad only if the search term consists of the exact keyword phrase or close variations to your keyword phrase.
Exact Match Keyword: Your Ads will be trigger only if the exact term is used during the search. It will help to target the keywords with high search volume.

Keyword Type
Content & Landing Page

Content plays the key role in making the conversion. Even if your ad shown in the top the words used in the ads will make the people to decide whether to click or not. So it is very much important to use the attractive and relevant content in your Ads.
Another important thing is your landing page. The content or specifications used in your Ads should also highlight in your landing page. The landing page must have a quality content which helps to create trust for the people who lands on it. You must have the best landing page to get more ROI through your conversions.

Ad Extension

Ad extensions give the space to place the additional information about our products or services. For example: You can’t describe more about your service or its features in your headline or description because of it character limit. In such case, the Ad extensions can give more trust to the users with enough information.
Ad Extension will appear like a site links with the provided information and it will look like very trustable as well.

Ad Extension
Audience Target

Audience Target is very much important for better targeting and effective search campaign. A search campaign will be said to be effective based on the results that it produce. If your target location and audience specification is right then your ad will deliver you the best.
Before choosing the audience set it is very much important to do a basic research using some online tools or previous sales details. Because it is not a right decision to focus on the people who will not make any conversion. So researching your audience will give you the best results.

Final Thoughts,

In this article, I have mentioned the 5 steps to plan an effective search campaign. You must focus on all the 5 steps which vary a lot from each other. If you skip any one step then your campaign will get collapsed. So it is recommended to go with the steps as mentioned and make sure you creating the effective search campaign.