Nowadays the world is moving towards smartphones and hence Google has introduced many apps to manage the different paid advertising platforms from anywhere. Here let’s see the different mobile apps using by which you can manage the Ad accounts on different platforms from anywhere. 

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Account Management Apps: 

Google Adwords is the most commonly used paid advertising platform to get leads for the business. Adwords app was developed by Google which will help you in managing the Ad accounts very easily. By using the Adwords app you can, 

  • Analyze how people are reacting to your Ad by monitoring the Clicks and the Click Through Rate (CTR) of the Ads. 
  • Easily update the bids and budgets of the Ad. 
  • Stay connected with the real-time notifications. 
  • Also can contact the Google Expert directly for the guidance and suggestions. 


Facebook Ads Manager: 

 In the recent days, about 80% of the online users have the Facebook Account and also Facebook remains the Google Play’s most downloaded app. 

 Facebook Ads is the latest paid marketing strategy by using which you can easily target the custom audience that suits your business. By using the Facebook Ads manager, you can,  

  • Create the Ads 
  • Edit the Ads 
  • Keep track of how the Ads are performing 
  • Also, you can pause or resume the Ads whenever needed 


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Reporting Mobile Apps: 

 Google Analytics: 

 Google Analytics is the one which is developed by Google to track the website visitors and also to know the details about the insights of the visitor’s data. Google Analytics will help you with the data’s like,   

  • Your keywords 
  • search queries 
  • Display targeting 
  • E-commerce revenue 

and many more 

 Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Google Docs: 

 These are the mobile apps which will let you to create and maintain the excel sheets or simply the word documents. Thus Google Play offers application mostly for all of the maximum used application, by using which you can manage the reports or other things from anywhere just by using the Apps. 

 Advantages of having the mobile apps for business: 

By using the mobile apps you can literally manage anything, there are many advantages if having the mobile app for business applications.  

  • Apps are constant reminder for your business 
  • Apps help to manage the account on the mobile devices 
  • Apps help you to manage the account from anywhere 
  • Apps reduces cost 

Importance of online advertising for your business: 

In the recent days, the usage of online mediums like search engines and the social media’s has increased nowadays. Hence to get more lead in the business from the online platforms digital marketing is important. By using the digital marketing strategies like SEO, PPC, Facebook Advertising, etc. You can get more leads for the business from the online mediums in a quick period of time. As a business people, you can either hire a digital marketing consultant for your business or you can avail the digital marketing services from the best digital marketing agency in the city to improve your business.