Facebook Advertising: 

As the Facebook remains the more used social media app among the people, promoting the brand or services in the Facebook will help you to get more number of quality leads and also good brand out reach for your business. Facebook offers many types of advertising by using which you can promote your brand or business. 

Facebook Advertising Types: 

Here let’s see some Ad types of Facebook using by which you can advertise your brand on online social media platforms. 

  • Domain Ads 
  • Multi-Product Ads (Carousel Ads) 
  • Video Ads 
  • Lead Ads 


Domain Ads: 

This type of Ad is called as a domain ads or page post link click ads. This type of ad is the single image ad with the optional description above and the link description below the ad, which links to your business website. 

facebook advertising

 Carousel Ads: 

 In the Carousel ad, Facebook lets you advertise with many numbers of images. The main advantage of this ad is that the most clicked image will automatically appear first in the Carousel images. By giving your prospects a wide range of products, there’s also a higher likelihood of them visiting and finding a product that meets their needs. 


Video Ads: 

Video Ads in the Facebook Advertising will work for creating the brand awareness and the Remarketing as well. If the audience watches your video on Facebook for a particular duration. You can retarget them in the Facebook based on the video views. 

 Advertise Your Business

Lead Ads: 

Leads ads on the Facebook helps you to gather the data from the customers like name, email, phone number, etc if they interested in your product or services. When the users click on your Ad, they will be taken to the lead form to fill the details. 

These are the main types that Facebook offers for advertising, By using this business people can get more leads for the business based on the requirement and need. As a business people, you can avail the Facebook marketing services from the best digital marketing company in Coimbatore like INFOZUB to get more leads for your business from the Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.