Advertising is the most effective way to grow the business no matter in what era we are. As days rolls on, advertising format has changed but advertising is still there. With millions of options out there in the market it is important to stand unique and more important is to advertise online. You may get the question of how advertising online will grow the business the fact is many people search for the product online before they head into the shop to get those products. As 70% of people search for the product or service online, it would be always better to have your visibility high in online.  

How to get higher visibility in online? 

In Google, 

SEM and SEO will get you higher visibility in search engine. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to the paid marketing where you pay to the Google to show your ad in the search engine result page. Your ads will be displayed in the ad layout of search engine result page. At the top of SERP, four ads are eligible which means organic ranking was pushed down and ad are at the top of SERP. And at the bottom of organic ranking, two ads would be displayed. 

Search Engine Optimization is the traditional way of ranking your website for the search quires. Here you don’t want to pay to Google to get traffic or clicks. your website will be ranked if the content is more relevant to the search quires.  

display advertising

Both SEO and SEM fundamental aim is to get visibility to your website. SEM will produce an instant result but will not produce long lasting result whereas SEO will take its time to rank the website and to get result but it will result in long-lasting output. 

In Facebook, 

Major benefit of Facebook advertisement is to the reach the right audience. And it is great platform to advertise as 80% of internet users were using the Facebook. Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising you can advertise to people by age, interest, behavior and location. Facebook advertising is the fastest and cheapest mode of advertising. Facebook marketing would be the best advertising mode to create and build the brand awareness. 

facebook display advertising

How to choose? 

Facebook platform is best for getting brand awareness and target the right audience in your demographic region. Google is the large publishing network where your ads will display to the related search queries however you limit the ad by specifying the geographic location and can accurately measure the accountability and rate of conversion. Budget is another factor, if your budget is low Facebook marketing will be always great and vice versa. Moreover, choosing the right platform greatly depends on your business type and need of displaying the ad.