AMP: What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile pages(AMP) which will speed up the page loading time in mobile with less data consumed. Since mobile searches is higher than desktop researches, every search engine users will be looking for the better and faster mobile web result even in various platforms like Pinterest, Facebook etc., If you have enabled accelerated mobile pages, the page will load in less than a second instead of taking three or four seconds to load the same page.

AMP is designed to give better user experiences for the mobile users. Though Google says AMP is not ranking factor it has its effect on ranking indirectly by increasing the loading speed of the website. If loading speed is increased, the time consumed to load the page will get decreased. As a result, page loading time will be very low which is one of the ranking factor in Search Engine Optimization. Accelerated Mobile Pages has its effect in clicks, impressions and user experience too which affects SEO. AMP is mainly useful for the news search terms, Google is holding the news carousal at the top by pushing the organic ranking in search engine result page.

Creating AMP

Creating AMP:

When creating Accelerated Mobile Pages – Content, you should optimize or focus on title, image, and first 100 words. Create an engaging title, have a compelling image related to the content and the first 100 words of the content, these 100 words should engage the reader such that they would click to read the full content.


Benefits Of AMP:


Loading Speed and Bounce Rate:

Speed is what all internet user expects for and AMP does that for mobile search users. Google is ensuring in all possible ways to give better user experience for the mobile users through accelerated mobile pages, mobile first indexing, mobile friendliness etc., As mentioned, if AMP is enabled for the pages, the page will load in less than a second what all mobile users will lot for. Since webpage loading speed is increase, bounce rate of the page will reduce.


Content Marketing:

This comes in the news carousel. More interest and attention-grabbing content in the result of search, the more impression, clicks and impressions you will get. And will give the better click through rate by making the content accessible and make it friendlier to the mobile web searchers.

Shift from Desktop to Mobile


Conversion Rate:

Relationship between site loading speed and conversion rate can never be separated. If your site loads fast, user will be happy and more likely to do the purchase or service rather than waiting so long for loading the page.

AMP is not a ranking factor but will speed up the page loading time, give better UX for mobile user and mobile friendliness are well-known ranking factors. And AMP has close effect on those ranking factors.