PPC Marketing is not just a one night stand. Once you create Campaigns and leave your marketing campaigns to run without analyzing for a long time, your bid may run like a water. Regular checking of your PPC marketing and analyzing all the factors and updating the same can improve your campaign performance. When it comes PPC, Advertisers must analyze all the factors daily and keep on changing (if required) based on the performance. 

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#1: Bidding: 

 If you are spending more money on AdWords to improve your ROI, then it is important to track your campaign performance daily. Check on the bids, clicks, Avg CPC, Spent, keyword performance, and conversions. After analyzing these factors, you can increase or decrease your bid based on the performance. For Search network, it is important to create a negative keyword list. Since we may get more irrelevant clicks. Maintaining your negative keyword list can save your money from invalid clicks. 

Daily AdWords Activities to be Done: 

  • Check spent details 
  • Review the Keywords and update the negative list 
  • Check the keywords and Optimize them 
  • Check your Ad text and optimize for better results  
  • Improve the campaign relevancy, quality score and Maintain your Ad Rank. 

If you skip these useful methods, then you are going to lose your money without any ROI. 

It is important to check all these tasks and improve your campaign relevancy and make sure you don’t lose money. You have to increase your ROI by regular checking of Campaigns. 

#2: Bounce rate: 

 Checking bounce rate is another important metric. Bounce rate means a number of users visit your Website and leave without taking any action. 

 There is a number of reasons for why people drop off after visiting the Website. Bounce rate may be due to poor page design, bad landing page experience, page load speed and more. Hence check out your page design, conflicting options, CTA, Load Speed of landing page. Because of these few reasons, people may leave your website without taking any action. Hence fixing your bounce rate may increase user experience and you may get more traffic. 

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 #3: Conversion rate: 

 The more you understand about your users, you gain more user support. Also, by understanding the user, you can target them better. You can target user based on their demographics, location, and device category. 

For Location: Where the user settled, whether at the national, regional, DMA, city or IP level. 

Device type: The user’s device, includes desktop, tablet, and mobile or designating the correct operating system, ranging from an iPhone 7 to a Windows 10 PC. 

 Demographics: Include the user’s age, gender, occupation and more details. 

Understand your customer need and target them based on their need. That’s the best way to reach your audience.