If you are running website since years and have made themselves more popular website on the web by presiding in the top ranks of Google search results. 

The world is running so fast, and the technology developing day by day that humans need to get information conveniently from wherever on their mobile gadgets and they don’t have time to get information through PC’s, Laptop and so on. 

Besides communication, mobile phones are most commonly used as a great research tool by all of us. Unfortunately, some popular websites are not mobile friendly, which inconveniences users to get information for which they search for. If website loading time is very high and some of the functionality in the website is not working the user will simply move to the next option by leaving your website to the next popular website. 


About Mobile-Friendly Test 

Website Administrator can test their website by using many tools. Most commonly used tools are Page Speed Insights, Test my sites. All of us, from kids to adult carry smartphones with us, all the time, everywhere we go. In such a scenario the fact that mobile phones are the future is evident. So website administrator can check their website using tools. 

Mobile Friendly Test: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly 

mobile firendly test
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The important thing to realize here is that above-mentioned tool will help you to know the page loading issues that are encountered by the Google bot Smartphone, by fetching the page and running test, but it is you who have to take a step and make your website mobile friendly. 


Components of Non- Mobile Friendly Website: 

  • No action if user click on the contact information 
  • User may feel difficulties in filling up the forms 
  • User may feel irritated if your website takes them to frequent sideways and upwards scrolling to get particular information. 

These are the few reason by which user may leave your website and move to next high ranking website. One has to design the website which is most user-friendly. 


Then how one can make a website Mobile Friendly? 

  • Design a mobile website 
  • Use a mobile application 
  • Create a responsive website 
  • Adjust Form Input Attributes 
  • Set image and input widths to the maximum 
  • Maintain a standard font 

mobile friendly site


Search Engine expressed in clear terms – either you should have a mobile-friendly site or you should be prepared to be left behind. A mobile phone is the one mostly used for research purpose by a majority of people. So at the end of the day, you do not want your users to smash their phones on the wall when the website links cannot load on their end. Start working today on the mobile-friendly test and understand the error and rectify on your site. Are you in need of website designing service with mobile responsive features? We are ready to provide you one with such standard.