What is the Search Volume?

Search volume is defined as the number of searches obtained for a specified keyword in a particular period of time. Search volume is used as the measurement in keyword analysis to know about the potential of the keyword in search engine traffic.
If the keyword has a high volume in search engine traffic in a particular period of time then it indicates that people interest in the products or services.

Why Does Keyword Search Volume Matters in SEO?

Search engine is only the key to reach your customers and improves website traffic, so that keyword search volume will help you to get the high volume where the people search many times in the search engine. If it is more competitive it’s very difficult for you to rank at top results in search engine. But you can get the complete views about the keywords and its search volume.
Keyword Research
While you are using in PPC search volume will help you lot for your keyword targeting, if you target for a keyword with right search volume surely you will get positive results. If you work for a keyword which people are not preferred then you may lose your time and effort.

Where You Can Get Search Volume Data?

There are many online tools are available for obtaining keyword search volume. Many effective tools are helps you to get effective data regarding search volume. Here I have explained some effective tools using to find keyword search volume data.

Google Keyword Planner

The effective tool for obtaining keyword search volume data is Google keyword planner, In this tools you can able to get list of search keywords related to your industry. In that list you can able to get the search volume data and also it shows some tips about the specified keyword.

SEM Rush

SEM rush is one of the best intelligent tool for obtaining keyword search volume data. In SEM rush you can able to get the more valuable data, they even provide results with accurate data and also with related competition for the specified keyword. In SEM rush you can create free account for basic keyword analysis for more featured function you want be a premium customer to the SEM rush. In that paid plan you can able to access many action for obtaining accurate results.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz keyword explorer is one of the best tools for keyword analysis, while analysis they not only provide the search volume data also include the competition the amount spent for PPC, the domain ranked at #1 for specified keyword and also include the domain authority scores and much more.

Google Trends

Google trends are also one of the basic tool for keyword analysis but it was not that much advanced when we compare with the other tools like SEM rush and Moz keyword explorer. But it is very helps to find the branded terms related to generic terms and it also display the results with geographical locations and regions. It helps the people to target the people in the specified region.
Google trends

Types of Keywords Should We Want To Targeting

While we choose the keyword for targeting we must includes domain authority score, it also plays an role in keyword targeting and search volume. Select the right keyword and work for them to reach top rank in search engine results.

How To Rank Keywords With High Search Volume

While we choose high search volume keywords for ranking it is very difficult for achieving our target. While you working for this you should concentrate on nook and corner of SEO activities for better results.


Keyword analysis and found the high search volume keyword is one of the basic task in SEO activities so we must do properly while finding the keywords and rank them in google search engine.