Ranking fluctuation in Google or any other search engine will surely lead to an anxiety for both experts and business people, though it happens to everyone in the market. So today, we are going to engage in how ranking fluctuation occurs and how and when it can be taken into consideration for resolving. 

 ranking fluctation

Ranking drops? What to expect? 

 Do you think ranking fluctuation means only the website which drops down? In another way, some other website had gone past yours! Right? So, here I List the points to be noted on ranking fluctuations: 

  •  It is obvious that ranking fluctuations mostly happens on the average or lower down results than the one in top of SERP. Does that mean higher results will not be affected? The short answer is “no”, it can’t be assured by anyone other than the Big G. 
  •  Do you think my stand for the answers is bit stacky? Here, I make it clear. After being ranking on top of SERP for six months(just say), it is uncommon that your website to effect under fluctuations.  
  •  Next one is also about top ranking results, but different scenario. You could have come across the results which shows 3 days ago or dated, it will not be more stable at the top. Here, it can have more fluctuations. 


What should you do when ranking fluctuation occurs? 

  •  Don’t get low or show your anger on SEO team, who did nothing wrong. Keep calm, and don’t change any tactics or strategies. Just do what you have done for ages to bring your site to such position for such keyword. Overdoing at the moment will mess up the things. 
  • Realise on the fact instead of getting frustrated about fluctuations. Make sure how your website performed for past two, three weeks and then come to a conclusion. 
  •  As I already said, are you the only person affected in ranking? If not, check your competitor website ranking for the set of keywords you have been ranking. 
  •  Analyzing the traffic will be a key move. You can see the fluctuation in ranking will directly impact on the performance (Traffic) of your website. 
  •  This one will be your fault when ranking of your website’s 20 or say 50 pages drops suddenly. At this point, you have to make a serious concern about your strategies and backlinks which Google may consider as a point to devalue your website. 

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Ranking Fluctuation? – Keep aside! The world will not go upside down in a moment! So relax and work on efficient strategies to build stable ranking for your website.  

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