When it comes to gaining traffic to the website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the ways to gain traffic from the online sources like search engines. But it is not the only way to gain traffic, you can use several other online forums and question-answer platforms to gain traffic from the online mediums to your website. 

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Q/A Platforms: 

 Question/Answer platforms are the quality source from where you can gain more organic traffic to your website. To gain the traffic from these sites, the simple thing you should do is to answer the questions that are related to your domain and give a reference link to your website. There are many online platforms like Quora, Fixya, Reddit and many more.  

When a user searches anything on Google related to your industry, these question-answer forums will be visible on the SERP‘s. Hence, if you refer your domain to these platforms, then user visiting these platforms may have a chance of being redirected to your website. 


Social Media Visibility: 

 Nowadays social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram are used by many people around the world. Hence promoting your business in Social Media’s like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google Plus, Twitter, etc will help you to get more brand outreach. The main advantage of the social media’s is that your business will gain more brand reach and also will have some traffic to the business website from different sources. 

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Guest Posting: 

Many websites in online are offering the guest posting. You can simply create an attractive blog post related to your industry and also can give a reference link at the bottom. So that when the users are searching for any related terms, they will have a chance of reading your blogs and also, they may follow the links in the article to visit your website. 

Although, these tasks seems to be a tedious one. This will indeed help to improve the SEO as well by increasing the site authority. Google will rank the web pages on top with the quality authority, this kind of websites will help you to increase the page authority.