Social Media takes lots of time in daily life, where if you’re looking for a return on investment and huge traffic, then you have to choose wisely on best social media to spend with it. You know there is no shortage of social media platforms, but most of them no much productive enough to get ROI, where we spend a lot of valuable time on no cause. Leave the social media’s that makes no sense, and march towards the one to work on productivity. 

 social media traffic

It is not a tuff job to find the number of social media platforms. For example, Tumblr is not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but for bloggers, it generates huge traffic. Most of the strategies that help to generate traffic through social media apply to tumbler as well, but it has its own value to generate traffic that attracts other bloggers too. 


  • Post All Kind Of Media Content: 

Tumblr is provided with multiple media format supports that assist to show some variety to your audience. The media format includes text, video, audio, photo, quote, and links. Your posts have to appeal the audience with the kind of engagement you provide. In addition, possibilities of memes can give you more followers. 


  • Active and Regular Updates: 

The administrator of your profile has to be regular on providing contents to the audience. The regular updates give you regular traffic, in future, it can double up. Make a standard in your regular updates, so that the audience can get to that the post must be uploaded from the particular profile. 

 tumblr traffic

  • Interact with Audience and Reblog: 

A trick to get popular in social media is to interact with the audience. Follow, comment and reblog the users on your profile to make them feel someone is noticing and engaging with our content. Reblogging is a great activity if you find a great content, add to your profile through Reblog option. 


  • Advertise and Do it with measure: 

Tumblr has an option of allowing the ads to your content so that you can advertise by itself for a huge audience. Do a measure and have a chart that, the advertising has to be done on a particular day, like doing it for atmost once a week. Tumblr doesn’t have a huge audience like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, where it doesn’t have enough competition too.