Search Engine Algorithm is a sequence of code using which the web pages will be displayed in the Search Engine Result Page. Every web developer or a blogger will have their own dream to index and to rank a website to increase the page views to their website.

How Google Algorithm Update affects SEO

Why Google Update its Algorithm Frequently?

Updates will better the things to next level. Requirements of the people in terms of Search Engine are to get the Quality Results with the user friendly interface. Here user friendly interface is the UI Design which can be provide within a single update but providing the quality and exact results is the challenging task for search Engine.


How SEO People Works?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. There are many SEO Service providing companies in India and their job is to optimize the web pages based on the Keywords to rank in top of Search Engine Results. So some of the SEO Companies will try to show Good results (Ranking a web page in top results for chosen keyword) within a month or a week and for a client it may look like a Good progress.

But how they perform these things is the major question, because if you are ranking organically then there may be major fluctuation in the results. Optimizing a web page in a sequential way will make it to look like a natural change but if a search engine identifies some sudden changes then it may mark a site as spam. So it is very much important to do a work in an organized way.

How Google Algorithm Update affects SEO


Why Algorithm Updates Affects Ranking?

If a website is marked as spam then it is difficult to recover and to rank the webpage. But at initial stage it may get some good ranks as well. So every time if an algorithm update is released, it will fix certain black hat things so some websites will drop ranking. That’s the reason most of the SEO Companies were getting affected due to the algorithm updates.

Professional SEO Companies will be very strong with the basics which helps them to keep the ranking in the top even after the Algorithm updates.