Digital Marketing is growing than ever and when it comes to digital marketing, landing page is the first way to attract new customers. Whatever the business is and goal of the campaign like increase traffic, drive sales, branding or to increase leads – focusing on the visitor or user experience is the key. Here we are going to see common thumb rules to design a landing page to increase the chances of converting the visitor to the customer.

What Does Google Consider as Great Landing Page


Grab Attention with Headlines:

Compelling headline is the best way to get the audience attention. Create a curiosity of what they are getting to and if possible create an impression of they can’t get enough more than what you are about to give. Optimize the other headings on your page too. Don’t forget to have the form on the landing page, since ultimate goal of the landing page is to make the customer submit their information as easy as possible.


Have images and Videos:

Catchy headline is good to start, maintaining the attention creating is also as important as the headlines. Since most of the information is stored as images in the brain, images get more attraction and engage user than the text. Optimized Images should grab their attention not distract them. Video in the landing page can increase the conversions by 70% so make sure you have images and videos in your landing page to create perfect visual attention for the audience. Don’t stuff your landing page with lot of images and video’s. Try to put your content in the form of the image. Either Image or video would help you a lot instead of both in the landing page.


Responsive Design:

What Does Google Consider as Great Landing Page

A website with responsive web designing is always better to see on any screen size like desktop, mobile phones when compared to non-responsive website. A responsive website automatically gives better user experience irrespective of the device. As contents in the responsive pages are automatically flexible it will give optimal user experience including the navigation and scrolling.


Be Aware of Forms Placed:

Creating a perfect lead generation is possible only if the forms are placed in the right place in the landing page. Lead Generation landing pages are designed specially to get the audience information like name, email address, phone number to convert them as customer with all the necessary information. Without leads you will never be able to get customers. If no customer no business or revenue. Whether your business receiving quality potential leads? get in touch with our digital marketing company in coimbatore for leads which leads to conversions!



  • Place security badges below the forms in the landing page so it makes people to have hope of they have made on safe choice.
  • Make Form and Call to Action button contract with the rest of the page.
  • Make phone number as click with click-to-call action. Changing mobile number as click to call would make mobile user much easier.
  • Include testimonials, which will add credible source of establish trust.
  • Have a balanced landing page. Isolate the form and CTA to grab more attention to it.