What is Google DoubleClick?

DoubleClick is a fully owned company by Google, which develops and gives Internet Based Ad Services. Google makes money through this from advertisers and publishers.

Google DoubleClick


What is Ad serving?

Online publishers who use DoubleClick to show adverts on their websites.


What is Ad delivery?

DoubleClick will help the advertisers to control how often an ad is shown to a browser, how repeatedly it will appear and how long it is shown for.


What is Behavioural Targeting?

This comes under two different categories,

  • One Website Owner Targeting
  • Advertising Network Targeting


– One Website Owner Targeting:

An online publisher will assign a DoubleClick cookie to say them about what portion of their website you’re browsing. DoubleClick will then analyze the type of Adverts in which you’re likely to see what you are browsing.


– Advertising Network Targeting:

Google has a subsidiary named as AdSense, in which browsers will be shown up with a different set of ads. It is like a third party cookie advertising.

What is Google DoubleClick


Who can use Google DoubleClick?

Any Online Publisher can use Google DoubleClick, provided that it applies to their companies terms and conditions. Even Google uses DoubleClick by itself in their own sites.


How DoubleClick tracks the information:

In Google’s privacy policy, it explains, how it actually extracts the data from Cookie of DoubleClick. For instance, it can be like this:

time: 02/Jan/2018 12:01:32

ad_placement_id: 102

ad_id: 1001

userid: 0000000000000008


referral_url: “http://www.youtube.com/categories”

This information tells DoubleClick about the Date and Time of the advert which is shown to you. It also adds,

userid: the unique ID gather from the cookie of your browser.

ad_id: the unique ID of an Advert

ad_placement_id: where an advert is shown on the website.

referral_url: from which page an advert is shown to the user.

Since it gathers your IP address, it is easy to know that it tracks your country and current location too.


How this information is utilized:

By own, these pieces of information can tell Double Click that the number of times an advert is shown to a user, for an instance, if you need to see a version of US or UK. More importantly, it cant find your any personal information in it.

If a cookie is set on a website, it will be a part of AdSense, then you go to another website using AdSense, the same set of information will be stored, it cant be manipulated. After a certain period of time, an interest of a person can be analyzed using that browser, whether they like baseball or ballet.

If there is enough evidence that user has gone through the same pattern, then they’ll be marked like “baseball lover”, new technology enthusiasts”, etc., – It helps DoubleClick Advertisers to segregate the set of audience for whom the ad has to be shown in the future.

If these data are segmented then, it goes even further to analyze the gender of a user and their age category to make it as another set for DoubleClick Advertisers.

Google Says even there are some websites that can’t help for segment in DoubleClick, it includes, health website and political website and much more for its complication in profiling the behaviour.

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