Audience Report:

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps businesses to monitor user activity. It shows all the active users; users visited the page on the Website, what is the action taken by users and more. This analysis helps the advertiser to focus on the more likely customers and satisfy the customers by knowing users need.

New Audience Report in Analytics


New Audience Report:

Now, Google has introduced a new audience report that monitors a Website’s custom audience. The custom audience is the group of visitors who have pre-defined action on the Website. To use this update, businesses have to log into analytics platform. Here, you will find a notification for those who have access to new audience report.

Google Introduce New Audience Report in Analytics

Once you find the notification, click on the see reports text in the notification. Once you click on the text, it will trigger with another notification link that stats learn more about the Audience report.


How to use this Audience Report:

This report can be accessed manually by Audience -> Audience New. The New audience report is marked as “new”. Before collecting any audience details from this report, first, you must have audience list configured in analytics account. If there is no audience list, the report will appear blank. If the report is blank, business has to add the audience list.

Audience Report in Analytics

Create and add audience list to analytics account. Once the list added, the report is ready with following metrics such as Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversions. By analyzing all the performance of the users, businesses can fit their marketing budget and how much time to be spent on a Website to work all better.