What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is officially launched by Google. It is shortly called as GMB. GMB helps the business owners by listing the website in order to increase the visibility in online in their local area. It has a review option, which helps visitors to understand about the business quality and to expose their point of view. By creating an account and verifying your business information in Google My Business helps you to find the new customers to your business.
Google My Business GMB is a free tool and helps to manage your business listing in Google. GMB includes Google Search, Maps, Google+ and Google Local in it. This tool is very easy to use to organise the number of business listing and managing their online presence. GMB interacts with both new customers and old customers and explains the story of your business.

Google My Business
GMB mainly having two purposes, they are

1) Helps Business Owners to increase the online visibility among people
2) Allows people to find a review about the particular business

Google Listing

Google Search Engine refers to its local listing platform as Google My Business. The GMB listing consists of your business name, business verified address, phone numbers, websites and reviews.
Now a days more than 95% of people uses Google search engine for all their needs. So listing in Google will definitely help to enhance your business. It helps to bring potential customer to use your services or products. And the new and old customers can write a review about your service, this will attract new customers to bringing in to your service. Once you register and login to your Google My Business dashboard, you can respond and thank your valuable customers who left reviews in GMB page. And there is an option to add the business images in it. By this you can include your organization images and team images or process images to bring the new customers.

How Google Listing Works?

When a user searches for a localized keyword or a business name using the Google search engine, the listing appears at the right site of the search. It consists of relevant local business listing with all tailored search term.
The Google local business listing will suggest you with the top referred local business lists with three pack. It gives you the topmost relevant results to indicate. Three pack is the revised version of the Google original display, which consists of a list of seven results but felt fat too cluttered. So it considers to be the top 3 most relevant results, whenever the user searches for a term, and it displays them alongside a Google Map preview for visitor’s convenience.
This is an extra significance to boost your local Search Engine Optimization efforts to push Google My Business listing up the ranking factor and in the top three relevant suggested the local listing business for the particular term. Those top three places will receive more traffic considerably to the website than others as a local listing.
Google Listing
For example, if you want to book a hotel in Coimbatore and you are searching in Google with the keyword “hotels in Coimbatore”. The result will be like the above shown image. As we discussed earlier, Google will show the 3 top most result with maps. In the above image you can see the 3 suggested hotels in Coimbatore. Rent for hotel is also mentioned in the list. So the user can able to select the hotels based upon the budgets. The average rating is also listed in the results like the first hotel is having 4.2 rating and second hotel is having 4.1 rating and third hotel is having 4.0 rating. Now you can see the listing is based upon the customer rating. Google will consider the customer rating to display the top three suggested results. There are many options are available to sort the search results like you can sort by best match, lowest price and highest rating as a first dropdown option. And in the second option you can select the number of guest like 1,2,3 and 4. As a third option, you can sort by rating like 4.5 & above, 4.0 & above, 3.5 & above, 3.0 & above, 2.5 & above etc. As a fourth option there will be hotel class like 2 star hotel, 3 star hotel, 4 star hotel and 5 star hotel. The final option will be amenities, You can select the any amenities if you want like the hotel should be child friendly or restaurant etc.
If you search in Google about any business with own business name or keyword, in the right side of your search Google Business listing result will display the information about the business organization.
GMB Listing
For example if you search the term “Infozub“, as shown in the above image the business information is displayed on the right side of search results. It consists your registered business name with average rating and total number of Google reviews. If you upload photos of business, it will also list like in shown image. Visitors can see more photos by choosing see photos option on the bottom of the image. Then the map location shows where your office located exactly. It helps visitors to identify your location to reach out your office. Next the three buttons are placed in order to give visitor convenience. The website button will linked to your business website, if visitor want to check your website they can visit. Automatically it will increases traffic to your website to enhance your sales. The direction button shows direction to exact location from your place in Google Maps. And the save option will save the business on your account for future reference. To utilize this option youhave to sign in to your Google account.
It also show the niche category of the business and place, so selecting the right category is important. After that Address, Hours and phone number. If you mentioned hours of opening and close, the visitor can understand the working hours and they will not disturb in non-working hours. And it is suggested to give 1 or 2 phone number that you are constantly using. Because the visitor may get confused with more numbers.
You can also rise a question if you have a doubt the particular concern. It will be displayed in public so that the other visitors can understand the process in Questions & Answer section. To ask a question you to sign in to your Google account.
In Google My Business there is an option called suggest an edit. With this option any visitor can suggest things like photos, map locations, business name, address, working hours, phone, website address, category and people also search for options.
The reviews from the web section consist of the other social network reviews. To enable that option you have to link your Google my business account to social accounts. For example, if you are linked your Facebook account from GMB means it will display the rating out of 5 and the total number of votes in your business Facebook profile.
In the Review Section, the random 3 to 4 reviews are displayed in the list. If you want to read more review about the business means you can read form view all Google reviews option on the bottom of the Google My Business.

Benefits of Google My Business:


  • Google My Business allow visitors to get the information quickly on Google search itself like website, directions, phone number, opening hours and other contact information. It saves the time of your customer. And there is an option of Click to Call is available on mobile. So the customer can call your business on just a single click in Google search.
  • Google My business is entirely free for all business, this is one of the most significant benefits of listing your business in Worlds biggest and popular search engine.
  • It also keeps your business updated because GMB is connected with Google plus profile so your post will be listed on search itself.
  • You can also add any special offers or product images to get more customers
  • You can quickly update your business details once logged in to your account like changing your address, number etc. The changed information will also effect on the other Google channels, so it will reduce timing on changing all channels.
  •  When you add your address in Google My Business listing, it will also show in Google map. This will help more people to reach out and find your location.
  • GMB is a useful tool for Local business. Any business owners can give a large number of information about their field/product key data directly.
  • It gives you better search visibility and displays useful information for the customer what they want.
  • It acts as a new interactive communication channel with the new potential customer and existing customers with the business profile.
  • You can also use the Google Analytics tool in GMB to get the statistics for your website audience and traffic.



With the simple and interactive interface, the Google My Business helps business by increasing the traffic and conversions.