What is Google Page Speed Insights?

PageSpeed Insights reports on the real-world performance of a web page for mobile and desktop devices. It also provides related to the issues using which you can improve your Page Speed of a Web page.

During past, Page Speed Insights provide information about your page without the context of how fast the page performed in the real world, which made it very difficult for the developer to understand when it was appropriate to apply these optimizations. To overcome these difficulties they released a new update which will use data from the Chrome User Experience Report to make better recommendations for developers. Also the optimization score has been updated with the real-world data.

Google Page Speed Insights Tool

One of the important metric for user satisfaction is “how fast your pages load based on real user data” which has been enabled in page speed optimization service.

The Page speed score categorizes a page as being Fast, Average, or Slow. This can be identified by looking at the median value of two metrics: First Contentful Paint (FCP) and DOM Content Loaded (DCL). If both metrics are good in their category, then the page is considered to be fast.

By estimating the performance Optimization score classifies a page as Good, Medium, or Low.

Update of Google Page Speed Insights Tool

The Page Load Distributions section presents how these pages are distributed in the data set. These events are categorized as Fast, Average, and Slow by comparing to all events in the Chrome User Experience Report.

The Page Stats part in page speed insights describes the round trips required to load the page’s render-blocking resources, the total bytes used by the particular page in the website, and how it compares to the median number of round trips and bytes used in the dataset.

Optimization Suggestions: If the page is fast, these suggestions are hidden by default, as the page is already well optimized.