What is Google Penguin?

One of the major Google algorithm is Penguin. It completely deals with the mink quality. You don’t want to worry about Google Penguin algorithm unless you have made spam links (Black Hat SEO Link Building techniques). Penguin algorithm is a designed to filter the sites that are having spam links to influence the Search Result of Google.

Myths of Google Penguin Algorithm


Importance of Google Penguin Algorithm:

Many Black Hat Link Building techniques were in practice which started to influence the search engine ranking. To avoid black hat from manipulating from the search result ranking, Google launched Penguin Algorithm. Penguin algorithm objective is to identify and control the spamming techniques. It will ensure that natural links to add rewards to the website. Penguin algorithm will identify the websites which has low-quality link, irrelevant links, purchased links and penalize the site for following the black hat seo techniques.

Myths of Google Penguin Algorithm


How to find if your site has been penalized by Penguin Algorithm?

Checking your website analytics report would be the easiest way to find it. If your website analytics shows a sudden drop associated with the penguin algorithm update date, then you have been affected by the latest update of the penguin algorithm.


Penguin Algorithm Myths:


Google will Notify if your website is hitted:

This isn’t true. You will not receive any notification for getting filtered by Google Penguin Algorithm. Either of the Google Application like search console or analytics will not notify you regarding this. But still you can use Analytics to find whether your website has been affected or not by having the insight on website performance.


Penalty Actions:

People often call it as penalty actions if penguin algorithm hits your website where as Google call it as manual actions. There is a difference between algorithm manual action and penalty. You will be notified if your website is been penalized. Since Google consider it as manual action this is the reason for not getting notification for the manual action of Google on your website. However, the recovering process from penguin manual action and penalized website is more or less the same.

Myths of Google Penguin Algorithm


You can’t Recover:

Yes, it is a myth. You can recover form penguin algorithm. If you remove the negative incoming links or backlinks that exists on your website and start with the white hat SEO link building techniques you can easily recover from it.


Recovery Process – Disavowing:

What is Disavowing?

If your website pages are being ranked which you don’t need to rank like login page, low quality content then you can restrict the Google Search Engine from ranking those webpages. You can just mention those website page URL in the Google’s disallow link tool.

Many people think that disallowing the low-quality link alone will reserve the penguin hit. But it is not true. Penguin algorithm will compare the percentage of Good Quality Links with the Spam Links and hit your website if you have more spam links than good links. So, start focusing in the increasing the good quality links to reverse from the Google Penguin hit.