Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique using by which you can rank the business websites organically in the top results of the Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for the user searched query. SEO involves mainly two factors like On Page Optimization and the Off-Page optimization using by which you can rank the websites in the top search results organically.

Google Search Updates


Meta Description:

The meta description is the piece of content which appears below the title in the SERP, tells the users the information about the content present on the webpage. The meta descriptions are usually 160 characters. Meta descriptions are the main factor when it comes to the On page optimization.


Guidelines for giving proper meta description:

Meta descriptions in the pages should not be more than 160 characters, as the content more than 160 characters will be trimmed off by the search engines and will not be displayed. Add a meaningful and crispy meta description, that the user upon reading that should click the link and visit the website instead moving to the next search result. While writing the meta description try to add the target keywords in it as it will help to improve the search rankings as well.


Meta Description 160 or 320:

Google has recently introduced an update that they will show the meta description script as 320 characters from now on. So adding more content in the description will help the users to briefly read and know what the content is about, instead of opening the web page and wasting the time. So this update will ideally save the time of the users. Also in the future try to add the 320-word meta description so that users can understand about the webpage by seeing the search results itself.

The main motive of Google in increasing the length of the meta description is to help the users to know about content in the web page by just reading the snippet in the Google’s Search Engine Results Page. This will save the time of the users in a tremendous way, that they need not open each and every web page in the search results to know about the content that they are searching for, instead which they can just read the snippet and know about the content in the page.


How it helps SEO?

Google Search Updates

Meta Description tag is the small snippet of content which summarizes the web page content within the 160 or 320 (updated) words. Meta description usually contains the search phrase that you have searched for. The webpage with the proper title tags, meta description, images with the alt tags, internal linking will help you in improving the organic ranks of the webpage in the Google Search results.

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