Importance Of Keywords

Keywords are the words that describes what your webpage content is about. Many people get confused between “search query” and “keywords”. In SEO, what phrase people enter in the search engine is “Search Quires” and customizing your webpage content right from title to images to a phrase is called “Keywords”. Keyword is crucial as we it the one which should be what frequently searching for and decides about the website content. Selective the right keyword only would help you in getting organic traffic to your webpage by ranking your site in the Search Engine Result Page. Keyword gives a better idea on understanding the need of the search engine users. It is helpful in understanding how they search and what they are looking for.  

Keyword is the core of Search Engine Organization. It involves identifying the words or phrase what people enter in the search engine and for which we need to optimize the website. Keyword gives idea of how easy or difficult to the rank the website for the particular term. Finalizing the Keywords is the basic step in the search engine optimization. SEO Professionals should have the domain knowledge to finalize the keywords. Make list on keywords for which you are going to rank the website. start identifying the keywords which has good search volume so that you may get good traffic to your website. Keyword Planner is the best tool for doing research on the keywords and finalizing it in the right way. 

google trends

Google Trends

Google Trends will also help in finalizing the keywords. Many people think Google Trends and Google Planner are same but fortunate the answer is no, they are not twins. In what way trends differs from keyword planner will help you to understand about the Google Trends, 

  • Searches on each topic is scaled on a range between 0 to 100. 
  • Different locations with the same number of searches will not have the same search volume which means repetitive searches (searches form the same person) are eliminated. 
  • Analyze your search term seasonally. For Example, they are some keywords which is popular in the certain period of time like Olympics, season changes search quires differences. Example: “Rain Coat” Search Query may be popular in India from the month October to December but this is not the same in USA due to climatic differences between the countries. 

Google Trends will help you in finalize the keywords and estimate its peak and bottom search volume by analyzing it on the Google Trends. 

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Related topics in the Google Trends will help you in finalizing the keyword ideas. They are two options in the related topics as TOP and RISING. You could also analyze and compare interest by region in Google Trends. Google trends now getting attention Search Engine Marketers for focused content marketing and for performing keyword research.