Google search engine seems to be pretty interesting for everyday users. When you type in an interesting information to know about, you are going to get a bunch of results with their facts and knowledge panel of the search. The major goal of Google is to present you with search results from which you drive value.

Google's Algorithm Update

Here are 2 Important Google Algorithm Update.

Google’s “Fred” Algorithm update was is an important algorithm update that targets black hat tactics. This update incorporates overload of ads and low-value content and also gives more added benefit to users. Google Fred update does not mean to reduce ad revenue of sites but the websites affected by content with a large number of ads will be affected. This is created for the purpose of solving user’s problem.

A Website with low-quality user engagement, thin heavily geared content, on-page advertising tactics will lose organic traffic their traffic.


Intrusive Interstitial Penalty:

Google announces Intrusive Interstitial Penalty mainly focus on the content that not easily accessible on the transition of the mobile search may not rank higher. This cuts down Websites intrusive mobile interstitials.

That includes popup that covers the main content and Presenting a standalone interstitial.