Family link is a new app from Google which is helpful in setting some digital rules to your children. The device like phone, tablet which we use in everyday plays important role in explore, creativity and many. These can also be tricky for the new tendering minds of kids. It is elder’s duty to explore them to right adventures and elders should educate the kids about what should and should not done on the devices.

Googles Family Link

Family Link is an application which will set my basic digital rules like bedtime for kids, Apps for kids etc., Google will make a personal assistance for your kids under 13 years. Kids can use the same device of parents, but will recognize them through their voice and different options and experience.


How to Get Start with Family Link?

To manage Google Account of your child under 13, you must need to,

  • Family link app is currently available only in 4 countries so to use family link application you must Live either in any one of the countries: Australia, United States, New Zealand or Ireland.
  • You should have Credit or debit card for the consent fee
  • Set up an Google Account
  • Should have iPhone, iPad or Android (Nougat or higher version) device to download the Family Link app.


Working of Family Link App:

Manage the app your child can use: In Google Play store approve or block the apps which your child wants to use by downloading from the Google Play Store. You can also use Google Play Family library to share the purchased apps, games, movies, books, TV shows from the Google play to the limit of 5 members who are using Google Play Family Library.

Limit Screen Time: Monitor how much time you child spends on the device or in their favorite app with the activity reports with weekly or monthly basics and you can also set daily screen time limit too.

Device Time: With Family Link you can set up the device active time or bed time and organize them properly with their time breaks too.

Check Device Location: You can see the location of your child with this family link app. But it might take 30 minutes to see your child location after turning on the device.

Google Family Link


Other Features

When child tries to install a new app, Family Link will be pointing out for the parent’s permission. The child can send a message to their parents via family app for their permission to install the application.

You can also ensure the safe search by restricting the unwanted results. This content filtering works only in Google Search Engine if your child installs other search engines like Bing, yahoo etc., content filtering will not work the better solution will be denying the permission request of those application.

Family Link application will work with Google Accounts for your kids under the age of 13. Once they turn 13, if they choose to use they can use the Family Link application. However, they are not eligible to be managed with the Family Link once they turn teens.