Google’s internet connectivity balloon from Project Loon crashes in Kenya (29th December 2017). Google is working on a project loon which is to provide internet connectivity in the rural areas. The Google’s High Attitude Balloon got crashed late night in Nthambiro region, Kenya and in a good way it doesn’t do any damage for the people or property.

As per the report, it is a part of 10 balloons launched by Google in July, 2017. Under project Loon the testing is carried out in Kenya to provide internet connectivity for some time. Unluckily the balloon crashes during the testing time in Kenya.

The Tech Giant – Google has planned to provide the internet connectivity for the people on the restricted areas. Some of the areas were restricted with access and infrastructure which limits digital connectivity. As part of a project, Google has designed a network of balloons to fly on the stratosphere layer for 100 days. It is just an initial part of practical testing and bug reports were tracked to provide the best in future.


They created a balloon by encompassing essential components to deliver the internet connectivity like components of a cell tower which are powered by renewable resources like solar panels which consists of two main radio transceivers which is covers an area of up to 5000 square kilometers.

According to Project Loon, the data transfer between the balloons take places upto 100kms apart and also able to provide 10 Mbps connections through LTE phones.

Google Officially announced that they were conducting the experiments across the globe from New Zealand to Sri Lanka. It is also used to provide emergency connections.