Search Engine is the most important software system over the web to identify millions of websites through single interface. If you are in need of something or if you want to know about something, then you will just open your favourite browser and search engine to know about it. People believe that the search engines will have solution for all type of queries and that’s the biggest strength of Search Engines.

Google’s Latest Update on Search Engine Result Page

In earlier days, you can’t find some user personalized data through the search engine. But now as the algorithms and techniques were keep on updating; they started to provide user personalized search results by referring your search history & interests.


SERP – Search Engine Result Page

If you are searching for something, then you may see a set of results in a webpage called Search Engine Result Page. The latest release about the Search Engine Result Page is the increase in character limit of the title and description tags of a webpage.

Normally, Search Engine Result Page will show the Title of a Webpage, URL of the particular Page & its Meta Description. Also it has the character limit for the title & description which is to be displayed in the Search Engine Result Page.

In the Latest release, the character limit of the Description is doubled which is from 160 Characters to 320 Characters. There are some advantages and Disadvantages because of this update.


Pros and Cons of Character Limit Update

Advantages of the Update:

  • Users can get clear information about the Webpage & it’s Content.
  • Quality Website will be visible to the Users in the Search Engine Result Page.
  • If the User is searching for something, then sometimes they may get the solution in the description contents itself.
  • Website Owners can provide some good information about a webpage to bring the visitors inside the website.


Disadvantages of the update:

  • Users can view maximum three results on their Mobile devices.
  • In desktop devices, above the fold results will be reduced.
  • Sometimes the information will be provided in the description itself, so user will enter into the website only if they need to know brief about it.
  • Now website owners may try stuff the keywords for 320 characters to boost their ranks.
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