Google has launched a new SEO Audit Tool “LightHouse (Beta Version)” chrome extension in Feb 2018. This light house chrome extension audits your website from search engine optimization prospect. As a whole the idea of creating this plugin is to create a best user experience.

Lighthouse is an open source, SEO auditing tool for improving the quality of the website by running test on Progressive web app, performance, accessibility and SEO compatibility.  By performing this test, you can identify the areas where your website needs improvement. At present, this plugin consists of initial SEO audit set and Google has planned to enhance in future.

How to Use LightHouse?

lighthouse plugin

Initial SEO Audit Factors:

  1. Meta View Port: View Port enable the width and scale the website to fit in the mobile screen.
  2. Title: Search Engine users rely on the title to get a quick overview on content of the page.
  3. Meta Description: Google’s Matt Cutts recommends to have unique meta description for each page.
  4. HTTP Status Code: This would help you in proper indexing of your web page. LightHouse consider any status code from 400 to 500 as unsuccessful status codes.
  5. Descriptive Anchor Text: Help Search Engine and Users to better understand your content with the descriptive clickable words of link or anchor text.

The more Google knows about your site—through your content, page titles, anchor text, etc.—the more relevant results we can return for users (and your potential search visitors).

  1. Page isn’t blocked from Indexing: Your pages are indexed only if you allow search engine crawlers to crawl your site.

lighthouse audit

  1. Valid hreflang: Google uses rel and hreflang to display the regional URL and language in search result.
  2. Validate Canonical URL: Explicitly tell Google to give equal weightage to all the pages with similar contents.
  3. Font Size: Ensures readability of the visitors both in desktop and mobile version.
  4. Plugin Check: Checks whether your page requires plugin which is not supported in mobile devices and desktop.