In May 2009, Google introduced the Rich Snippets which highlights the content of a web page in terms of Structured Data. After a small change in its search engine algorithm, it is showing the Rich Results which are Rich Snippets, Rich Cards and so on.

Once the rich snippet is announced, people started targeting to show their website in one of the Rich formats. Because you can see that, the results shown as the Rich Snippets and Rich Cards gives more relevant results and that grabs the users attention as well. Sometimes it shows the needed content in the rich snippets itself, so the users don’t want to enter into any webpages.


Rich Results Testing Tool

Google’s New Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tool which helps to develop, test and modify the structured markup. It helps to test and check the structured markup to show the best results. Now as a combination of all rich results, Google released its new testing tool named as Rich Results Testing Tool. The Rich Snippets, Rich Cards or enriched results will be now called with a single name as Rich Results. The new testing tool – Rich Results will completely focus the Structured Data Types which tests whether the webpage is eligible to show as Rich Results. So that you don’t want to wait till it gets reflected in the search.

Rich Results Testing Tool is similar to the Mobile Page Speed Testing Tool. At the start the testing tools were launched as a results and it will be made as an important factor to rank a web page in Search Engine Result Page.

Google Said that “more accurate reflection of the page’s appearance on Search and includes improved handling for Structured Data found on dynamically loaded content.” Rich Results Testing tool currently supports only the Jobs, Movies, Recipes and courses, where other rich results will be added soon.


Structured Data – Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an important tool for website owners. Using this tools, website owners can check how a site appears in the Search Results. Some of the important features were available to find the errors in a website and to solve the things at the earliest. Structured Data is the important information given to the search engine to understand the relevancy of the content. If a webpage in your site is implemented the structured data incorrectly then it will be highlighted with the red lines in Search Console.


How to check Structured Data Error in Search Console?

Step 1: Log in into your Google Webmaster Account. If you don’t have an account yet, create it now.

Step 2:Choose your verified domain. If the domain is not added into the Webmasters, then add the domain and verify through one of the available methods.

Step 3:In the Search Console, on the left hand side of your screen, there will be Search Appearance Menu. Under the Search Appearance you can find the Structured Data, Rich Cards and Data highlighter.

Effective Usage of Google Search Console will help you to rank a webpage higher.