What is heading tag? 

Heading tag, usually title of the post or page and also used to highlight the text in the content. There are six different types of the heading which we already know about that.


Importance of Heading Tags 

Heading tags are usually used to highlight something. It may be anything related to our content. Normally H1 tags are used as a title of the page or content, it gives strong intense for users about the article they are reading.

h1 tags

Why Heading tags are used as page title 

If the user searches something in search engine, the search engine crawls number of blogs of the given keywords and found the site where the search keywords are highlighted.


How heading tags are improved SEO 

If we highlight keywords on our blog or page it helps the search engine to easily find them to rank. If we use heading tags in our post, it leads to some positive results. Try to use your heading tags are unique


Did we use more than one heading tags

H1 are mainly used in page title or post title if we want to highlight something we may some other tags like h2, h3. Don’t overuse the heading tags.