As everyone knows that Google becomes smarter than before. Even, Nowadays travel bookings have been made easy through online, which helps users to book from their home. To make them still simpler to users, Google proceeds to improve the travel booking experience. That is users can book from search results itself. This Google update comes once after the flight booking experience with delay predictions has been enhanced better by Google. 


When you search for travel information online, Google shows results as shown in above image. 

This update helps users to complete their travel bookings right away from the Google search itself. Hence, Google helps hotel searches to filter pricing details new ways and obtain other information easier. Also, Google update is to combine flight booking in hotel searches and vice versa. Ultimately, Users can switch back and forth between them. 

When users search for a destination, Google search result with display both services integrated on the same screen. Which would be easy for users to switch between the services and find their destination. 

google hotel booking

In New Google Your trips section, users can view all the past, present and future travel plans. That Google keeps all the hotel and flight information in one place. All the information can be accessed through Google Trips app. Once the booking is done, Google sends confirmation details to users Gmail account. Travel information stored in your trips can only be accessed by individual users to whom it is sent.