Google initially released Google Panda Algorithm in Feb, 2011. The purpose of the algorithm was to reward the high-quality content with the ranking in the search engine. The panda algorithm identifies all the content regarding issues like Thin content, low quality, duplicate content, trustworthiness of the content and take the actions in search engine ranking regarding the same.

How Content Affects in Search Engine Optimization

Pages with very little content and resources with literally has no value to the readers. The best way to measure the quality of content is by the user satisfaction. If visitors quickly leave your page, it’s like your page doesn’t provide have the enough value what visitor is looking for. Google Panda algorithm is to rank the sites with a huge content which is written purely to provide enough information for the visitors, for which the search engine reward those content with the ranking well in search engine result page.

Content that appear in more than one place in search engine is duplicate content. It can also happen within your website or domain name is you have multiple pages with little variations between those contents. These duplicate contents will have impact in the search engine ranking though it does not lead to penalty. It the content appears in more than one place in search engine, it is very difficult for the search engine to find the original version and it is difficult for to decide which version is more relevant to the user search query.

The ultimate idea of search engine is to provide the best user experience, if multiple version is available of the content is available search engine finds difficult to find best result and this would dilute the ranking and visibility of all duplicate version. Link equity will also be affected by the duplicate content. If you have one version of the content all the inbound links will be pointing to the same location where link equity is preserved completely, if you have more than one version then each inbound links will be pointing to different version of the content, which will let to link equity among the duplicate pages.

How Content Affects in Search Engine Optimization

Once your website was hitted by Google Panda Algorithm, it could be difficult to recover. To avoid getting hit from Google Panda Algorithm, ensure that the content of the page is gives completely information and has relevancy with the search engine user query. Remove duplicate content where ever possible. Make use of no-index and no follow commands to block the indexing of the duplicate contents.