Purpose of Advertisement:

Advertisement is a great way to take your product or service to the right customer. As we evolve through technology, it was also changed from newspaper or radio advertisements (Traditional) to Digital advertisements. You can also create ads in digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Quora and many.

In Facebook, you can promote various ads with different goals like Lead Generation, traffic or conversion. You can also make the users engage with your business by promoting Facebook page or post, get traffic to your website etc. you can promote your product and service through digital platform as well as it will increase traffic your website. More traffic to your website will helps in increasing the brand awareness among the people. Facebook ads can be focused based on locations, demographics, age, gender and other profile information

For Example:

If you are promoting nail art, then with Facebook it is easy to show this ad only to particular Facebook users at the same time. You can also set the age group, say from 15 to 45 years and the Facebook ad will be shown only to the Facebook Users of Age 15 to 45.

What is Facebook Ad?

Facebook allow business and other advertisers to promote the business straight into news feeds of people even with whom the business had no connection before. Based on area of interest or behavior you can promote your ads by targeting them. As these ads appear, people can comment or like on them as they see with everything else that shows on their news feed. And if people hit on “Like” Button your Facebook page ads will be shown in their news feed in future and on their friends Facebook feed too.

How does it Work?

Facebook Ad Engine has all basic information about you like age, gender, phone number, your interested topics and more. Based on your interest topics ads will be shown in your Facebook News feed. Similar to Google, Facebook runs a digital auction considering bid prices for each ad placement from many advertisers and show ads to the right targeted people.

What about Instagram Ads?

Instagram is owned by Facebook years before. Facebook ad engine is driving ads in Instagram too. You can create Instagram ads by using the same tool used to create Facebook ads. To create Facebook ads, you need to have Business Facebook Account, and with the same account you can create Instagram ads too.

facebook score

How Facebook ads are shown?

As like other promotional ads, Facebook ads also labelled as “Sponsored” or “Promoted” content. But Ads also usually include Reactions (Like), share, comment buttons on it.

Promotions in Facebook

Ninety Three percent of marketers invest in Facebook advertising and more than 2.13 billion people use Facebook every day and on average each person spends around 50 minutes a day across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. And that is a huge attention for any business promoters. No matter what your age is, gender, occupation you might have crossed with Facebook Ads in your newsfeed knowing or unknowingly.

How advertisers use Social Media Platform?

There are many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Quora, Instagram to promote ads.  Though there are huge platforms to advertise, Facebook is the leading platform for marketers with 93% of business people actively using it.

Though twitter is next in the row with 89% of the marketers it is also ranked in the channel. Most marketers feel they will invest less time (image below), where twitter also follows up in second with 23%.

Facebook article

There are various scripts of advertisement like Image, Video, Audio, Text ads. Out of all Multimedia contents appears to be in top of mind for many advertisers as they believe video will help them win the future, though video ads are in trending the thing here is, video should be short at the same time and it should deliver the scope of advertisement in the first 10 to 12 seconds of the video.

Who Can Advertise on Facebook?

Many business people consider as they are not a good fit to Facebook ads. They forget that it is a new marketing channel. It is always good to test new marketing channel before demand drives up. Facebook ads are more like display ads and search ads in Google search engine. Irrespective of what your business is, you can promote your product or service in Facebook ad, and it effectively at the same time it has huge reach too.

And for those who are wondering of targeting options in Facebook, note

Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising, if you really know your customers, you can advertise to the exact audience and engage them

Advantages of Facebook Advertisement:

Facebook Advertising is Cheapest

One of the major benefit of Facebook Advertisement is “It is cheapest”. You can reach up to 1,000 people for just 100 Rupees. Consider the amount spent in radio, television and other traditional medium to reach the same audience. As it is cheapest, Facebook Ads would even help small scale business people.

Increases Your Brand Awareness with Facebook Advertisement:

Facebooks ad will significantly build Your Brand Awareness. The more familiar your brand to people for product or service more likely they will purchase when their time demands it. So, it is always necessary to engage your audience with your product or offers.

Facebook Ads are Fast

When you can get some return from Facebook ad? is another common question. Here is good news for you, Facebook is the fast advertising medium. It drives immediate results. If you are looking for a fast way to drive traffic and conversions, Facebook ads are the best. As soon as your ads got approved, your ads will start to perform in greater extended and you start reaching thousands of people every day.

Facebook Ads are measurable:

Numbers will speak when it comes to Facebook ads. Your Business Facebook dashboard account will help to see the how many impressions, clicks and conversions you have received from running ads in Facebook. In order to track conversion, you need to integrated Facebook Pixels codes in your website.

Facebook Ad Performance

Facebook Advertisement Increases Website Traffic

Facebook Advertisement will boost number of visitors to your website. Website Click Campaigns are easiest way to increase your website traffic and send them to your website.

Engage Your Website Visitors:

You might have come across this for sure, where you have seen a website and see that website product ad in your Facebook news feed. This type of advertisement statistic is called “Remarketing”.Remarketing allows you to advertise to website visitors of particular duration like last two-month website visitor or one-year visitor etc., This means when some one left your website without contacting you or purchasing a product, you can re-engage them with your Facebook Advertisement. This drives huge benefit to boost your conversions.

Repeat Your Business:

Facebook advertising can drive repeat business from customer who have purchased from you in past. Using the customer emails or phone number in your Facebook campaign will help you to achieve the same. This will allow you to advertise to your audience who are more likely to buy your service. By this way you can also show your ads to look alike audience where Facebook intelligence will understand the behavior of your database customer and find out people of same interest and display ads to the look alike people.

Facebook advertising builds engagement:

Likes, Comments and shares or any kind of interactions on your advertisement is measured as engagement in Facebook. Engagement is important as it builds a stronger connection with the targeted audience. The more connected the audience are to your business more likely they do business with you. Investing in Social Media Management will dramatically increase your engagement.

Increases SEO Ranking with Social Media Signals:

Search Engines reply on Social Medias as one part of Search Engine Ranking. Building social signals will improve SEO Ranking. Social Media Signals includes shares, likes and comments on your Facebook Post, tweet in Tweeter, Instagram Post and many. Facebook Advertisement is the strongest way of increasing Social Media signals, which has indirect influence on your Search Engine Ranking.

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Increase Exposure with Facebook Ads:

If you are bringing any new product or service or offer to market, Facebook Advertisement is the great way to announce or expand in the market. Facebook Advertisement will increase the exposure and help you to test the market at this pace.

Mobile Ads:

Even Google has recognized it and announced “Mobile First Indexing”. More than 60% of the internet searches are made through mobile devices. Over 86% of Facebook Users access Facebook from their mobile device. Facebook is one of the largest mobile application that exists. If you start advertising in such as huge platform it will always results in expected returns from it.

Final Thoughts.,

Facebook Advertisement is really effective and start investing in Facebook Ads to enjoy the benefits out of it. Create relevant ads, as long as relevancy is ensured it is all between you and your audience. your ads will perform effectively in Facebook.

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