The question of how fast can I see the result in online will be the first thing which most of the business people used to ask to the SEO agencies. SEO is the most cost-effective digital marketing technique but, it is a long-term process. This the reason why many SEO Agencies ask the business people to sign a contract for minimum of six months to a year.


How Long?

In general, with in the 3 to 4 months you can see the improvement in traffic to your website. How much traffic improvement is completely depended on the amount of time that your SEO Agency have invested on your website SEO Works.

How Fast Can You See the Result in SEO


Why it consumes lot of time?

Some of the websites will start seeing the result with in a period to 3 to 4 months where some website will not see noticeable improvement even after 12 months. So why this difference happens between the time though same customization works were carried out. Here are we will explain you why and what causes the difference in time duration between the website to see the results through SEO.


Your Industry:

If your industry is the offline (Manufacturing, Rare Industry in your place) then your website will be ranked soon in the search engine. But there are few industries (SEO Agencies, E-Commerce, Real-Estate) that are already dominating in the search engine and have large set of strong websites in those cases your website requires some time to rank better.



Selecting Keyword is the most important factor in SEO. As, we are going to carry out all the customization work to the keywords. If you have chosen wrong keywords then you can expect results for all SEO efforts it is just vanished. So, when selecting keywords invest some time and select the best keywords which is expected to yield the expected result.

How Fast Can You See the Result in SEO


Keyword Competition:

How competitive keywords are that you are trying to rank? If your keywords have less competition, you no need to wait longer. If not, it takes it time to let you see the result.


Amount of Link:

Ranking of the website greatly depends on the quality of links and number of links which point to your website. More the number of links your website has (inbound links) and gets (backlinks) then it is likely to get ranking in less time.